Army ha v2 880 help

Holla amigos, Uk foiler here having a bit of trouble with the army ha v2 880!
Problem is lads and lasses is I’ve come down from the kujira 1210 and am having trouble getting onto foil in small surf, when I try to olly it up she just drops out unless I’m going at a decent speed, my question is! Is there any shimming I can do to get better early lift? Or is this just what’s expected coming down from the v1 1210, when i have more speed and she wants to come up she flys! I’m ridding the 180 tail and a KT concept 4.7 30L! Any advise greatly received

Trying to leave the 1210 is hard. You’ll be disappointed in everything. Dropping down to 880 is a big jump no matter now magic the new stuff is.