Code 850s foils

Just wondering if anyone has tried it for prone foil. Or is it too early?


Tried it, bought it - and absolutely love it. Have come from a cabrinha 1000, and for me personally I find it better in every aspect. Better low end, better top end, better glide, a breeze to pump, turns on a dime, and tips out is absolutely no problem whatsoever.

I’m 220lb wet and never thought it would be possible to be so comfortable on an 850 cm2 wing. If you’ve got a local shop with them in demo I can’t recommend it enough to give it a try!


Everyone I know that has tried it keeps thinking about it afterwards. A couple have bought it. I think Josh in Seal Beach still has a few sets in stock though. He was offering free shipping the other day too I think. Might have to ask him about that though.

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Anyone know how this compares to a Uni Prog 125?

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I have also demo’s the 850 & 720. Coming from Naish gear it blew my mind. Turns amazing, I am not used to struggling with leg strength due to the forces in a turn!

Seriously considering a purchase when funds allow.

Downsides for me are:

  • Limited foil range, would probably retain a Naish setup for kite foil
  • Only a HM mast option. I like to prone on 75 and wing/kite on 85. Bloody expensive to buy two lengths
  • Mast to board mounting holes require you to completely remove the bolts (like lift) instead of slots. Adds a bit more faff to board changes

Upsides are:

  • A few of the best waves of my short foiling life over the last week on these foils

I use a Code 720S kite foiling with 85 mast, it’s great if you’re a good kite foiler, no need for anything else, beginner kite foilers will struggle with it as it’s over 800mm wide and higher aspect so requires a good technique to control the foil.

I have a full Code setup 720/850/980, and no complaints with anything, an advanced foiler mind you but it’s all I need. Def demo but be warned, you’ll want to buy it if you do :slight_smile:

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Would everyone agree that the code s is the better version of lift ha? As they both have 9.5 AR?

Most of the smaller Lift HA models are over 10 AR and some way over, 13+. It’s an apples and oranges comparison.

Did you wing on any of the Code foils or just kiting?

yes, I’m 98kgs, for winging all I use is the 850S, it’s very agile, has great low end and it’s very fast, managed 23.5 knots without pushing it that much, and the glide is amazing.

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How about the 980? Seems like a big wing!.
Did you try shorter or longer fuse?
Came across a review from Poseidon Sports, Vic. This bloke looks to be a big rider @ 90kl.
He mentioned that he winged the 720 in 12 knots and got going,(with DW style board).
I’m 77kl so trying to determine if the 720 is a go!
Appreciate your input :call_me_hand:

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I’m not a sponsored rider, and I have no idea on your ability, but I believe Casey is 83kg ish and he only prones/wing the 720s, obviously he’s a good foiler. (watch his code foil promos on youtube). Code rides bigger than the size suggests and if I was 20kgs lighter (your weight) I’m pretty sure the 720S will be my goto.

I’ve tried the small and med fuselage and prefer the small, on the 850S the length with small fuse is 672mm from front wing to tail, 702mm with medium fuselage.

The 980s is almost as fast as the 850S, but it’s a bigger wing, and bigger chord and not as agile as the 850S, so a bit pedestrian winging, fine for sup foil though.

The video from hdip should answer all your questions.