Code 850s foils

Just wondering if anyone has tried it for prone foil. Or is it too early?

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Tried it, bought it - and absolutely love it. Have come from a cabrinha 1000, and for me personally I find it better in every aspect. Better low end, better top end, better glide, a breeze to pump, turns on a dime, and tips out is absolutely no problem whatsoever.

I’m 220lb wet and never thought it would be possible to be so comfortable on an 850 cm2 wing. If you’ve got a local shop with them in demo I can’t recommend it enough to give it a try!


Everyone I know that has tried it keeps thinking about it afterwards. A couple have bought it. I think Josh in Seal Beach still has a few sets in stock though. He was offering free shipping the other day too I think. Might have to ask him about that though.

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