New prone surf record

Prone foil 3hrs

How far will people go I find this so hard to fathom I do 5min and feel like I’m on the verge of cardiac arrest :rofl:

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There must be a step change in efficiency that those of us who cannot fathom this have yet to hit. I’m hopeful that it comes soon


anyone else notice the proto looks just like an ART? I was hoping for something surfy and versatile, maybe there’s some voodoo in there but IDK.

Also, I break the prone record every session, since I’m actually prone more than probably any of ya’ll. :joy:


I think there’s a couple things happening. One, a new surf wing coming out shortly. Two, a larger ART. Just speculation based on the FB Axis group.

The one thing I find alarming about the record is that he was on a 90cm mast. IMO the 1099 doesn’t breach well, at all. It’s a giant flat wing too. I’m guessing he had to be on the 90 to keep that thing way under the water.

I wanted to love the art1099 so much, but if feels like I’m prone surfing an earthquake. It bounces my balance all over and is so temperamental for me that I typically blow it, before my cardio ever gives up. I still have it and hope to figure it out eventually.

My Takuma 1210 is just so easy with everything, I guess it’s spoiled me.


So that might not be the forthcoming surf wing. Interesting.

I would have thought a better marketing campaign for the surf wing would be footage of people ripping effortless turns on one, so I suspect this is primarily aimed at the wing and pump crew

I think it’s safe to say that this is a view of one half of the new surf wing. :slight_smile:

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If so it has the axis standard lack of anhedral. But I could see him asking for and ripping on an 1199 though, so might not be the one.

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