Axis vs. Sabfoil for DW / Pump

Hi all! With Sabfoil releasing their new “Leviathan” foils and claiming the newest world record for flat water pumping, does anyone here have comparisons to the Axis PNG 1150/1300? In particular, I’m curious to hear about DW experience.

I’ll add another question that’s related. Does sabfoil have stabs that are cross-compatible with say takuma. I have takuma and an axis 1150 for pumping but I’d love to have something similar that I can use with my takuma/kd quiver.

sab is a few mm longer than takuma. I think it could work by “ovalizing” one of the two holes in the stab

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Cool, it looks like it’s bottom mount from a video I saw, so that’s better than axis which is top mount and different spacing to boot.

Why is bottom mount better than top mount? I’ve always been curious why some brands have rear wings mount on top/bottom

I just mean for compatibility. Btw I ended up adding a hole to my kd boomerang and making a shim with moldable plastic. Haven’t tried it yet though. Plan is to start with the 1150 when I get my kalama dw board.