Best foil tool for assembly

I have used everything from a cordless screwdriver, impact driver, etc. I find myself carrying multiple tools to do the job. I use axis and the M8 torx used to attach the mast to the fuse are the ones that take the longest.

Does everyone use the basic wrench included in the kit? What are some other options?

4 volt hand screw driver, they are too weak to do any damage to your gear but strong enough to get the tedious screwing in. Use the electricity to get the screws in, then hand screw till tight.


The unifoil tool is great. Has both T30 (m6) and t40 (m8) drivers.


Impact driver with a t35 bit turns torx m6 and hex m8. Works great if you have chinook boxes. Nothing like announcing your presence at the spot with a “RATTA TAT TAT TAT”

I use some garbage ryobi tools cause I don’t want want to mess up an expensive impact in a sand and salt environment


i had an electronic screwdriver from xiaomi got rusted pretty quick, unless they made something waterproof saltproof i wont use any electric tools anymore.

Klein t40 t-handle. Btw I had to take my mast to my mechanic for their bigger impact driver, and they told me to replace all my torx with hex. I’ve always thought hex/Allen was easier to strip but then again I’m always using the wrong size wrench.

Ryobi is great

unifoil tool is good too but mine broke quite soon after I got it and no longer ratchets

My Unifoil tool broke after a handful of uses. A for effort but D for execution.

I use these tools. The ratchet will rust up but a little lube now and again keeps it going. The impact bits fit way better than the uni or armstong tools I was using before. The tools that came with the gear had a very poor fit and were prone to stripping the heads.


Those bosch torx bits are good, thats what I use with my Ryobi 4v. They tip actually is full and fits in snug, not rounded down with loose fit


“Replace Torx with Hex” ??

I have heard the opposite. Multiple people saying Torx is the best way to go.

What was their reasoning?

They said when you need to apply serious torque, torx will deform due to the smaller ribs while hex, as long as you are using the right size, does not. I’ll add that my t40 broke, where I’d be surprised to see a 6mm or even 5mm hex do that by hand. Edit: that’s what they said and it made sense at the time given I was looking at a mangled torx bolt. But maybe with the size bolts we are dealing with it shouldn’t make much difference.

Btw, I’m really into the m8 bolt on the k2 tail. They are same length as the m8 for the wing, so including the mast/fuse bolts, and the wing nuts on the plate there are very few different sizes. And only one size bit for the whole thing. I was going to ask stringy for an adapter for adding kd etc tails, but they are good tails and I’m unexpectedly pleased at the simplicity of it.

From my experiences, Allen hex is MUCH less durable compared to torx. This is especially true with low profile SHCS and flat head countersunk screws. Regular (tall) Allen SHCS are pretty strong because the hex opening is deep. But regular height SHCS are not commonly used on foils.

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This drawing shows the reason why. Torx was designed to be able to withstand higher torque without camming out. The one caution with torx, and maybe the reason why some people don’t like them, is that there is at least one or two sizes where you think you’re using the correct size wrench when in fact you’re using one that is one size too small.


I would still go with Torx. The reason being that to strip the Female side would be much harder with Torx. Yes you may break the male bit BUT the bits are cheap, <$5, and sacrificial. Whereas if you strip the Allen head you are fairly doomed with regards to getting all your pieces separated again.

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All that is true, and confirms my original thinking. Side note, climbing gym setters don’t typically use Milwaukee because they are too powerful and can strip the tnuts behind the wall. So I never felt compelled to have a super powerful impact driver, but I wailed on a stuck bolt with my Bosch forever, but when I took it into the mechanic they had a Milwaukee and it was out immediately. It might have been my extended use of my driver that mangled the bolt, not the Milwaukee.

Thanks for sharing your tools. Can’t wait to try them

Not quite in the same category but the Project Cedrus is a great multi-tool for the beach or to paddle out with.

Has torx and allen heads, can pretty much do it all. I will say its missing the largest size torx bit, but its handy to keep around nonetheless.

Cedrus Foil Tool - Project Cedrus

Wera Torx T40 and T30. I went through about 4-5 sets of L keys and then got these and they look about the same as this random picture after 3 months of use without any fresh water. I drilled a hole in the T40 to slot the T30 through it to increase torque for stuck axis mast bolts and worked well.

The number of skateboard trucks I’ve had to drill out puts me off hex, terrible idea for the torque applied to masts.

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Exact same thing happened to me. Ratchet broken after about 7 uses