M8 30mm Torx Screws

Does anyone know where to get some of these? I have a titanium set that came with my Uni-Foil setup but i’m needing some extras for some other boards, they don’t need to be titanium. foilparts.com only has them in Allen style. Real Watersports has some 28mm but I like the longer ones that don’t need to unscrew all the way to go over the mast holes.

McMaster Carr has them. FYI, most M8 hardware is T40 and they have the T40s available, but they are very expensive. T45 is much cheaper (and the larger driver is more secure), but its a different driver than most other foil hardware so you might need a new allen key.

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If I need just a couple

If I need lots $40+ Accu

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thanks, my head exploded with the options on that site, I will dig in to it

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that looks like what I need, thank you

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I like using the M8 hex(Allen) heads and torx for m6. I just keep a t30 torx bit in my impact driver and it works great for both without the hassle of hunting down the specialty m8 bolts.

Also I’ll add that I exclusively use my impact for all foil connections!

I don’t know how anyone uses M8 Allen screws without stripping out the heads. Torx is way better but you need to be careful because there’s at least one size where you think you have the correct size wrench when in reality, it’s one size too small.

McMaster-Carr is great but expensive and they don’t always have Torx in the larger/longer sizes. I’ve been buying from BelMetric lately. They also don’t have everything but they have all the common sizes and you can order as many or as little as you want.

Agree @HFWS … sadly my experience with allen heads is always eventually negative. Torx might be a bit harder to find but I’d rather spend the effort finding bolts then trying to take them out.
With all that said RI has some of the worst salt brine content for medals so everything needs to be bathed in anti seize.

That’s t45 vs t40. Most m8 foil hardware is t40 but you can also find t45 on m8. I actually like the bigger driver t45 better, but it’s annoying to mix and match it and have to bring extra Allen keys.

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