Lift hardware sizes?

Anyone know the specs on Lift bolts? Particularly the ones that bolt the tail section on
Helping a friend out who runs lift and has stripped out the Alan heads . Then had to go through the PIA removal process.
Looking to replace with torx, someone must’ve tried this. Any suggestions?

From website…" M8x16mm screws & 5mm hex key for mast installation

  • M6x30mm screws, M6x22mm screws, and 4mm hex key for front & back wing installation"

I haven’t swapped mine yet, but did in gofoil…torx is bueno

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The right screw extractor set made from the right type of metal can get the striped one out no problem in about 30seconds. I think mine that works easy is titanium alloy . Patience and the right tools are key.

Drill out the pilot hole for the extractor and then use the extractor bit to free the striped one.

The worst foiling injury I ever had so far :crossed_fingers:t3:was trying to pull a broken stab out and slicing my hands on the broken carbon part. :laughing: No stitches but not fun.