Best type of surfboard to compliment foiling? (on off-days)

I started prone foiling last summer and pretty much haven’t touched a surfboard since. My wife is sad we don’t spend any time in the water any more so I am going to dip my toes back into surfing on days when foiling conditions aren’t great.

So - my question - what type of surfboard (fish, mid-length, etc) would best complement foiling? I used to primarily longboard but it just feels sooo slow and clunky after getting into foiling. I live at a point break and waves generally are waist to head high.

Any tips/suggestions on how to make the most of my time surfing with the wife?

Call me crazy, but I’d recommend you get something that matches the waves your wife will be going for. If she’s a longboarder and you start going for high performance shortboards I’m struggling to see how that will equate to more enjoyable time together if you need different waves.

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I’ve been wondering the same thing. I pulled out my last surfboard, a single fin mid length last week for a big swell and I swear it was just to remind myself how much I love foiling. I think I need a board that is is really front footed since I keep reflexively leaning forward to keep the nose down on the drop.

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The best way to enjoy surfing is to not compare it to foiling. I treat them as two completely separate things. The more you switch between surf and foiling the better you will get at both sports and transitioning between them will be easier.



I still love to surf. It’s just different.

Go finless

Foiling makes surfing feel like a slow car with terribly stiff suspension.

Giant longboard. It’s the only way I could possibly tolerate crowds

Just foil while she surfs and pump tight circles around her


If you are riding front side at your point break, try a Liddle 7’2" PB with a Liddle 9" short chord fin. By foiling conditions aren’t great, I assume that means the waves are good. One of the few surfboards that surfs off the front foot with a narrow stance. Don’t bother for backside riding undless you can switch right after takeoff.

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Twin fin fish for me feels alot more like foiling with the slide of the fins, and skatey slide feel

I still love surfing but foil 85% of the time with our conditions in north florida. sometimes the morning high tide makes it impossible foil so if i still wanna get in the ocean its gotta be on the fish


Only days I’m out surfing now are when the beachbreaks are hollow and powerful. In which case I just take out my old performance shortboard and get obliterated. Still fun :grin:

Get your wife a prone setup…