Board compatibility with Uni Progression

Anyone have suggestions for checking if the tracks on a board are forward enough for the Uni Progression and other models? For example, I have a Naish Hover 75 liter for winging. Is there a measurement I can take from the back of the board to the front of the tracks that can be used as a ratio of the entire board length and that ratio needs to be greater than x? Or maybe some balance check where I hold the foil upside down when connected to the board and see if the board is parallel to the ground? And if the tracks aren’t forward enough, then what are my options other than buying a new board (baseplate shim)?

You can always just take your straps off and stand further back.

But yes, if your board can balance to level with the foil on. You should be able to just straddle the front foil position and be balanced.

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I my experience the Progressions ride as far forward in the box as the Lift gear. I would think if your board works well with Lift or Armstrong then it would work well with the Progressions

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FWIW, I find I ride the same setup further back in the tracks when winging vs. proning. If you’re measuring tail to track length across disciplines, it might not be as accurate as you’d otherwise hope, at least in my experience.

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The Progression seems to want your back foot behind the mast so you need a track that will allow that comfortably. Hubbing the foil forward in the track is also bad for the board and will lead to failure so the track has to be fairly far forward.

I actually ordered a FFB Nugget 4’7" the other day to try out the extended tracks and hopefully use it as a combo prone board and higher wind wingboard while on trips. Will report back next week after some sessions with it.

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This depends on the board construction. I ride slammed forward on Pedigo’s Portal construction and have never had an issue.

Just got the 170 and found I needed to shim the mast base plate. Was wondering if you figured it out? I wing the Hover 85L and prone the Hover 44L.

Are you shimming front or back of mast.

I have a 170 and have been messing around with shimming the front of the mast. Some days I like it, some I don’t.

Only back of mast so far, still undecided after a couple sessions, not the best conditions when I tried it. Initial impression was more front foot pressure.