Cabrinha H-series MKII

Hi, I’m trying to find any beta on this high aspect series of foils from Cabrinha. Looking more for wing reviews as opposed to prone. Not alot comes up for unbiassed reviews on a Google search. I’m currently riding an 85 cm Cedrus mast with a Takuma 1095 front wing and various aftermarket tail wings. This has been a game changer for me, however, given Takuma’s recent V2 change that is not backwards compatible, it’s time to jump ship and explore something else. I’m currently looking at the above series from Cabrinha and the unifoil progression series. Unifoil looks unbelievable, I’m just a little uncertain of the katana mast but unfortunately, the second version of no limits in cedrus are a while out yet. The new Cabrinha wings look awesome, and the mast sounds pretty bomber too. Anybody riding these and have a review to give?

This is a review in Dutch
You can have it translated by Google I suppose

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I wrote that :slight_smile:

I can,t compare the Cabs with the Kujira1095, but have the 1210 and 1440.
IMO the Kujira,s are great foils with ample of glide, but do create a lot of extra frontfoot pressure on a wave or going really fast where the lift of the Cabs MK1 and MK2 is way better managable.
I loved the glide of the Hseries-MK2 and maybe I buy an 1050 later, but more as an complement to my H1000 as an replacement because the new foils act like a size bigger.

The hollow mast is a lot better as the noodle from last year but for me, 97kg, it is doable, but can,t keep up with the Cedrus.
Yes the Cab mast is a bit less draggy/feeling more resistance less as the Cedrus, but the control the Cedrus offers is 2th to none. Maybe this is different when you are lighter or just proning.

btw: also an very intersting foil to look into when you are winging and want to buy a whole new system: the Neilpryde swift.
As a (former) wavesailor sponsored for years by another brand I,m no fan of Pryde, but there mast is really stiff and that foil is for not too fast/slower windswell waves awesome.

For what it’s worth I found the Cabrinha h800 (v1) to be very similar to the 1095. H800 and was Slightly faster and 1095 had quite a bit better pump but h800 was very intuitive coming from the Takuma. I was riding both on the Cedrus. On the h800 I felt like the Cedrus was slowing me down more than on the 1095 due to the higher top end.

I was winging both of them and haven’t tried the v2.

Were you able to purchase the Hseries-MK2 anywhere? Seems like they “released it” 6 months ago, but I still can’t find anywhere that actually has it in stock. I switched from the 1000 to the 800 this past spring and really enjoy it paired with the new hollow mast (that I finally got my hands on months after the “release”) and chopped H-series tail, but at 90 kg in weak east coast conditions, I’m curious if the MK2-H850 would be just a little easier to pop up on in <waist high east coast slop than the H800.

Hey dude, no I haven’t picked it up. The mast from V1 gets meh reviews and the lack of chatter/buzz on the v2 mast and wings has me a little jittery about committing to this system. I’d have to get a foilparts rear fuse piece as I have all 30mm aftermarket tail pieces, and all the aftermarket mast companies are in between v1 and v2 versions so I’d be waiting awhile to make a workable kit.

Looks like FoilOutlet(Goodbreeze) has them in stock

MKII 850

Yah, I chatted with him over IG. He makes amazing stuff. Are you riding the mk2 850?

Thanks! Weird they only show a kit in stock that includes the fuse and tail. I’ll message them and see if I can just order the wing sine I already have a fuse and tail.

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I have had the Cab H-series MKII 1050 now for a few months and wanted to post my thoughts (paired with 84 cm hollow mast, medium alloy fuse and v180 tail). Many sessions on it wake foiling and a couple winging. So far, I am super impressed. I spent much of last year riding the Cab H-series 1000 and find it to be a significant upgrade. More glide, higher top speed and lower stall speed. Turning initially seemed more difficult because of larger span, but just requires different technique to achieve similar results. The best part of the gear to me is its ability to breach both front and rear wing tips without ventilating. The only downside I find compared to the 1000 is it is slightly less nimble. This may be adjusted for by using the shorter fuse, but I haven’t had the chance to try or desire to purchase it yet. For reference I weigh 78kg, 35yo, have strong surfing, wind sports and foil background and am not a sponsored rider. Hope this helps!


Why hasn’t the MKII H series made nearly as much of a splash as the MKI?

Because the MK1 was IMO really ahead of its time and the MK2 just an evolution while in the mean time a lot of other very good foils are launched, but also because of there price raise of close to 30% in europe making them one of the most expensive stuff out there.
At the same time Cab has a habbit of being late with delivery, foils anounched in januari were available in july while, and quick with discounting stuff (oct).
Potentially: you pay a lot of money for gear that was in 4months outdated so a lot less worth when to resell. for that reason my shop was very hestiate get them and so was I to buy them.
My strategy was first to wait for the MK2 to come in sale, but they keep em for 2024 (wicjh is imo a good thing). When paying topdollars I want to be sure I got what I want so right now i,m demoing also other stuff (and really like the AFS Silk 1050 so far).


Anyone have experience and thoughts on differences between the 180 mono block rear wing (narrow chord, longer span) vs the new V2 h180 rear wing? Glide, pump, turning. Thanks !