F one vs cabrinha

I’m considering buying either a cabrinha 1000 first gen or a f one eagle 990 with alu mast. I want to use it for prone and dw sup. im 80kg.
the Cabrinha i would buy new, the f one I would buy it used. they are roughly the same price. im in Europe, so buying in the USA is not an option
what do you guys think?

You can find “KyleKnox” on instagram and ask him to buy his full Cabrinha 1000/800/650? setup for less than a new h1000 setup.

Those are very different. Cab 1000 much slower but better for surfing, easy to pump, good stall speed. I would say very user firendly but the carbon mast is not good, too flexy.

Eagle 990 good speed and excellent glide but not sure how it performs in the surf. Also Egale is more technical than cab1000.

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im in europe, im guessing he is in the US.

will the 990 be good for DWSup? is it to advanced?

Hit up Foilstate, he has both Fone & Cab.

I would say cab is accessible performance (doing really well in groundswells and powered up winging) and eagle is full on max perf (doing even better job if you have the skills and conditions for it).
Comparing cab800 and eagle790, the eagle has a higher stall speed and everything is one step higher, more glide, roll, average speed, top speed, control, better breaching.
The cab1000 is a super user friendly foil that does everything well, but lacks a bit of glide and top speed if you have groundswell above hip high. I have not tried the eagle 990 but it has more span, its probably going to be more a glider that is great for longer arcs on unbroken swell, way more glide than the cab, so if you want to dw the eagle is prob way better, just a guess.

Eagle are advanced foil for dw for sure, even the 1280, so depends on your ability.

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