Need advice on upgrading the Cabrinha H800

I have been proning the Cab H800 for past year, now looking to upgrade to another HA of similar span and cm2. On my radar are AFS and Code. The new Code R seem to cater to mostly DW, with great low and high end speed, which is great but looking at a wing I can still turn and enjoy in waves like the Cab 800. I will be demoing the Code 850s and 860R, but I don’t have access to any AFS. I have been reading the posts about the AFS Pure and they might be a good upgrade from Cab H 800. As anyone ridden these 3 brands and be able to share their riding experience in prone? I am 60kgs

May I ask what are the cab 800 drawbacks and what would you like to improve on next upgrade?

Not really a draw back per se with this wing. Which is why I will wait as long as needed to replace or add another wing that can turn closer to a surf wing but still has very good pump and glide.

In this case have tou tried the Lift 120? Can’t compare with h800 but may be worth a try.

I have a few sessions on the silk 850 and had the h800 a while back (my memory on it probably isn’t perfect). I rode the h800 on a Cedrus mast.

The 850 turns a lot nicer than the h800. Tighter turns and better breaching.

From what I recall the pumping is pretty similar between the two, maybe slightly easier on the h800.

The 850 is faster (although I’m riding on different masts), but I think the h800 had slightly more glide.

The 850 is not pitchy at all, I feel like the h800 had some pitchiness at speed.

I’d say the progression 125 was more similar to the h800 than the 850 but the 850 turns better than both of them by a good margin.

Hopefully helpful.

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Maybe check out the F-one SK8, has good surf ability and pump and glide is pretty solid too.

I used to own it, I got the cab 800 to replace it, as I found it to be more forgiving with a better low end.

Yeah I find the cab H800’s pitch has to be managed at speed. I have a few different stabs and some shimming depending on conditions and that helps. The Silk 850 is definitely a contender. The positive feed back on the Silk makes it really enticing. I REALLY would love to try it. Ultimately, I would like to only ride one brand that would check all the boxes as far as DW wings with great low and high end, as well as a range of surfing wings that can also turn, glide and are relatively fast. A mix of AFS and Code is very attractive but that’s 2 brands.

Thanks! I tried the Eagle and did not find enough low end for my taste. So I did not bother to try the SK8 as my goal is to get into one brand that I enjoy the HA and the surf wings from.

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Hey Gliiide, Ive been running the H800/1000 and the new Mk2 H700 for a while now. As im a heavy weight, i mainly wing the 800 and 700, and prone the 1000. I have recently changed my tail and fuse setup to smaller and shorter. the tail is a Crisp 333, approx 158cm2 and the fuse is a foilparts bottom mount, running about 15mm shorter. The difference it has made to the turning of the 800 and 1000 is amazing. The original cabrinha tail is ok, but definitely doesn’t release the full potential of the foil. The 700 turns awesome due to being 100mm narrower, and it has made that better also. With some light shimming, I have maintained the pump, have better glide due to less drag, and turning significantly improved. Worth a try if you are pretty happy with your current setup, and just looking to improve it a bit

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Good info Nik.
What mast do you use?

Initially I was on the original Cabrinha 80 carbon mast, but have been on the most recent Hollow Carbon 84 since its release. Definitely a better mast, especially given my 95kg weight, and aggressive riding. Im even using same mast/fuse/tail setup for dockstarting the Cab Mk2 2100

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Thanks for your suggestions! I have a few different stabs I have been using for different conditions. With some definite improvements depending on which stab. I also have the 700 for the juicier days. I am having fun with the 800, but looking around at what could be more fun! :smile:

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I never rode the 800 with a Cab mast. I had the Cedrus and now the NL v2 with it. That improved the ride a lot.

The only other foil I have ridden lately that sparked my interest, was the AFS Silk 850. I had a brief wing on it recently, and was immediately impressed. Great turning, stiff, and very fast .Definitely worth trying if you can get your hands one one

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Thanks for feed back on that wing! It’s at the top of my list!

i had the h800 before and i have tried quite a few foils since…(eagle, sk8, kujira 2) i must say that the h800 is one of the best frontwing for winging and prone foiling especially with custom tail wich unlock the roll axis. With a great pumping and a good low end, this wing is definitly a weapon in the surf!


Thanks for sharing! Will definitely try other FW before I buy anything else!

Sounds like maybe the best way forward is just to tune it (mast, tail, tail extender) rather than upgrade into another brand altogether.

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Thanks, I have done that and it is a playful set up. But ready for more excitement from a different brand.