Chopping a Cabrinha H800

We have 2 Cabrinha h800’s , fantastic foils btw , but it is too big to radically carve for my 60kg daughter when the waves over head high(winging with the wing flagged)
Would it be a good idea to take off 5 cm on each side to make it 80 cm wide instead of 90cm?
Would that make the 800 more controllable and carve-able at high speed for a light weight?

The h650 is pretty much that, same airfoil, same chord and thickness, different span. You loose quite some glide though

The h800 is 90cm wide the H650 is 72 cm wide, chopping the H800 we could go to 84cm first…
And we already have a second H800.

True, but it might act weird, the tips of the hseries are quite refined, dihedral + washout