Copycat axis foils

First off this beachstart video is crazy impressive.

If you check the website the 1310 they are selling along with fuse looks exactly like the axis version.

Checking on AliExpress you can find the 1310 axis copycat, so it seems like roam is just selling a rebranded AliExpress foil that is almost an exact copy of the axis.

There is nothing wrong with this per say, as you can’t patent a foil, I just figured this was interesting that we now have rebranded AliExpress foil brands.

Interesting positioning with specific focus on beach starts and “freefoiling”, probably a decent commercial bet considering all the socials around dock starts.

My adjacent take is that anyone who becomes competent at pump foiling almost immediately then discovers the energy and challenge of downwind and progresses or should we say matures into a fully fledged downwind foiler… and finds themselves addicted to logistics and hassle of lifts upwind :joy: (edit except wakethief who somehow still hasn’t noticed the bumps)

Fhe foils themselves don’t look like exact clones. Does look like the old red Axis fuse mount which is a dead end in terms of getting into a useful ecosystem but probably necessary for the 1.7m span… so it all hinges on the $800 mast being ultra rigid.