Dominican Republic Foiling (Las Terrenas)

Has anyone foiled in or around Las Terrenas in DR? Seems like mostly a beginner surf area, but that might also suit foiling well. Will be there in Feb and looking for any intel (and whether its even worth bringing gear). Likely too early in the season for any winging.

Edit: The kite school in the area says definitely bring wing and prone gear. Still curious if anyone has intel though.

It’s been a long time in foil years. Since Iv been there. It was actually one of the first places I learned to foil. Used to spend my winter down in the DR. I don’t know any specific spots but I do know we would foil out front all the time. Circa 2018-2019. Go foil original Kai


I go to Cabarete every few months which has better wind than Terrenas but maybe similar surf. Winter in cabarete is surf season with winging mixed in, lots of glassy big swell, some smaller days, some moderate wind days.

Definitely bring your wing and foil gear, you will go crazy if you don’t have a setup there! There’s always surfable waves in northern DR and you should get a few days of winging in as well. Even in the slowest wave season (summer) it’s great for prone foiling.

Strong wind for kiting will be hit or miss that time of year. Also bring a real surfboard because it gets big in the winter and the surf gets fantastic, not sure about the breaks around there but there has to be some good ones.

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