San Diego California

Del Mar Rivermouth.

It works on a 4.5ft or higher tide. Its really only best when the tide is pushing up. When the tide starts to drop the lagoon starts to pull the water out, which makes it tough.

The crowd is mellow. Always a few guys out.

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Awesome. I’ll be staying around there start of November and looking for foil spots. Any other places to check out around San Diego? I don’t get in waves much, so I’m hyped on anything remotely foilable without crowds.

On the small days the sandbars can be decent to foil in Mission Beach. Higher tide and short period swell is best.

Other than that, check out Sunset Cliffs. Just make sure to avoid the real high tides. Climbing back up can be very sketchy.

I surfed the cliffs for years when we lived in OB/SD and have thought more recently that it could be an epic spot for foiling. I know there is some eel grass out there (and can’t remember exactly but sometimes kelp), but is there a specific tide that seems to work?

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Anyone wing in the area, or coastal spots that wind focuses at? Looking like some westerly push through today/tomorrow.

I see a good amount of wing guys in Mission Bay. They park on Fiesta Island and cruise around there.

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+1 on mission bay, couple e-foilers frequent there too. Carlsbad lagoon too, though more finicky on wind iirc.