Downwind SUP La Ventana?

I might find myself in La Ventana for a couple of months during the windy season, and was wondering if anyone has done any DW sup runs there? Given the popularity as a wing and kite destination, there seems to be multiple commercial DW shuttles so it’s possible for multiple runs without the running back n forth.

Spent a week there last week.

Yes, you can DW it. Not too many people do pure DW, but lot do wing assisted.

I had a great time chasing the lumps. The rollers get substantially better about 200 yards out, and you can go as far as you skill will take you.


There is a small but growing group of talented DW riders in the La Ventana area during the winter season. Rasta Beach down to Baja Joes or Playa Central is most often the course. During and after an El Norte event, good side shore swell develops. Reference MasViento on Facebook for the best wind reports. Mornings are usually calm, with the winds and thermals ramping up very quickly around 11:00am. Winds usually start shutting down after 5:00 pm. There are a lot of wingers and kiters on the water so you will have to navigate through that. La Nina years bring the best winds. That has been the case for the last 3 years.This year is El Nino so slightly less wind, more clouds and greenery, which reduces the usually great thermal winds.