Hood River Runs

Got some time in June, was going to try and sneak out to Hood River for some DW.

What runs should I be looking at? I see the Viento to waterfront park run, is there any better, less crowded runs?

Potentially was going to camp at viento state park and just bang out as many runs a day as conditions allow, unless people have other suggestions.

Thanks peeps

Edit: sorry paddle downwinders not winging


Paddling or winging?

Ill be out last week of May for about 10 days, thanks for asking this I’m planning to do the same thing!

Paddlers focus on tunnel runs on the Washington side since it makes the car shuttle better for them. Out east there’s some great runs too if the wind is there.

Wingers have the most options obviously. A buddy did Cascade Locks to The Dalles last summer. Once you’re past the dams there’s plenty of big long dw options out east, again, if the wind is there for ya!

I think viento to HR is tricky if paddling since the good bumps are on the other side of the river, micro bumps to get back to the oregon side. I would think silos to rufus would be a great run and easy shuttle but haven’t done it and not even sure if silos is still a launch, haven’t been there since the 90’s

Paddle downwind

You’ll prefer the Washington runs if staying west of the Dalles. Oregon runs if out east.

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Yup, Viento to HR is tricky as you mention, there’s barely five good miles out of the eight. Unless you’re into a pump fest, best to do as the others mentioned in the West. Crowding though is unlikely to ever be an issue (except through the Swell/hatch area). The first 3.5 miles can be excellent along the Oregon side and you’re unlikely to see another soul.

The Silos at Biggs is still a launch last I saw (which was late Sept). If it’s not just launch from Maryhill, you don’t lose much and the waves are great all the way. It’s only a 20 minute run unfortunately.

Blalock to Arlington is big and consistent for about eight miles (crap launch though). Push it all the way out to Three mile for 22 miles of fun (good luck with that :sweat_smile:).

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Can you go from the Deschutes to Rufus? Was thinking of camping there a night or two.

Yup, used to do it this way in the early surfski days. It’s going to be a 1/2 mile or so of mostly pumping though before you get any glides. Then it gets REALLY good by the time Miller island ends and the river comes back together.

Can’t recommend Celilo to Rufus through Hells Gate canyon for supfoil though. There’s one particular horror story I remember hearing involving a lot of walking barefoot on the WA side gravel road (ask at Big Winds) :exploding_head:
Highly recommend it winging though (or any other craft).

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You’ll be suprised at how many options you have to launch and land in the region while dw paddling. Yes there are ‘the standard runs’ as you mention like Viento to HR but the more you connect with the tribe the more options you will learn of. Entering the river without all the gear a winger carries opens you up to many more possibilities. Who’d of thought? See you in June shredder!

What extra gear do wingers carry? Instead of a paddle they carry a small handwing.


I guess I’d be referring to the wing, pump (and associated doodads) needed. It’s hard to go through the thickets and brambles with something that won’t fit or can pop. In addition, some launches require an entry which would be nearly impossible to do with a wing due to topography (think cliffs or small spaces). When it comes to making paddled dw runs you have different options… is what I am learning.

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A bit of a stretch :wink:

I can agree that certain launches where you need to hike in the DW setup can give you different options. However, a winger can upwind or DW to those same spots.

On the flipside, DW riders typically require a 2 vehicle minimum, or someone who is a shuttle driver, and I very commonly see them sitting on the beach waiting for a friend to catch up.

So, everyone has their own preferred version of fun. However, having learned DW sup (it was fun!), and quit DW sup (I hate shuttles!), I don’t ever feel like I’m missing out or dealing with too much gear.

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I’m not into the us vs them debate sorry. My answer was to address that FoilFlop has lots of options and to look outside of the box. Cheers!

All good thanks for clarifying!

Another resource you may want to consider for camping is Maryhill SP located in Washington near the famed Rufus landing stretch of dw runs. Depending on the weather patterns the eastern gorge often lights up when the western gorge in under clouds and rainy. I think Bonifacio covered that part sufficiently. If you are camping off grid then consider parking up at Arlington or Rufus Landing. Be flexible based on the conditions. I’m always happy to share glides with a fellow water enthusiast and shuttling is a great way to share the stoke! Hit me up when you arrive.

I’ll be there the whole season - with a minivan - and keen to run as many shuttles as possible.
Either SUP or wing, I don’t mind.

@FoilFlop or anyone else feel free to get in touch if you want to link up for some shuttles :sunglasses:

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I just had my first Gorge experience a few days ago. Short trip to pick up a new board from BW, but got lucky with a decent day. SUP DW. Only rode the Swell City to Hatch run, but did it 5 times, in pretty good conditions. I liked that you could walk, run, or hitch the short distance back to the start. I found the 10-15 locals I met or said “Hi” to very nice and friendly. What a good little route for dialing in gear, and perfecting technique (like paddling up onto foil). Easy to see why locals here get good quickly! I hope to return in May (if I see a good forecast), and do some longer runs, and stay for a few days…hopefully experience the Rufus area too. I really appreciated the opportunity to ride there! Cheers, and Thank you Hood River/White Salmon folks!!


@noripplez I’m curious about this route, specifically because I’ll be wanting to do some solo runs. Do you just walk straight up the side of the road with all the gear? Is there room on the road? Gear assembled? Or do you have a funky system going?