Any DW runs in NC (USA)?

Checking potential spots to move in the future… wondering how the wind ( particularly dw sup ) scene is along the NC coast…

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@TooMuchEpoxy Didn’t you guys have a SUP guy on your podcast and were talking about North Carolina DW runs? I heard something about it somewhere.

Real watersports guys downWING at least. That’s North Carolina right?


Just up the way from the NC coast is the Tidewater / Hampton Roads of VA right at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. We’ve got tons of DW runs, with options for almost any wind direction within an hours drive. I just learned that some of the OC1 guys have actually sent it across the mouth of the bay a few times.

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I live in wilmington and kite/wing and especially prone foil at Wrightsville beach. I haven’t gotten into DW yet but am dying to try. We get regular 15-20knot sideshore breeze during the summer. I imagine it would be awesome offshore for DW.

The only drawback is Wrightsville has an uninhabited island (masonborro) to the south and a private island (figure eight island to the north). So you are sort of boxed in to a 3.5 mile stretch unless you want to go full send from Carolina beach.

There is a good 7 mile stretch from ft. Fisher to the north end of carolina beach that might be fun.

If you move here I’ll be happy to learn and attempt these with you.

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