Prone Foiling spots in Oregon / Washington (PNW)?

I’ve got a week to cruise up the coast for a friends wedding and I am hoping to foil some new spots along the way. Just got a new PP170/140 setup and desperate to give it a go. Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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Manzanita OR looks good. I’d give surfers a wide berth as they can be very territorial

Some Oregon spots I’ve foiled and had good days at (although PNW is very tricky conditions-wise… good luck!):

  • Otter Rock.
  • Agate.
  • Manzanita (have to hit it in the morning, it gets really windy there by 12pm most days).
  • North end of Cove Beach.
  • Arcadia Beach.
  • South end of Indian Beach.
  • Seaside Cove (either second break from the corner, or the bank in front of Avenue U car-lot).
  • Fort Stevens (Park at LotB, or the Columbia River South Jetty Observation tower).

Generally the only territorial surfers are at Seaside Cove. Just don’t paddle out to the point proper on a firing day and you’ll be fine. All the other breaks I mentioned are fine. Gets a little crowded at Otter and Agate, but just be sensible about the peak you choose. There’s plenty, and most people stick to only one or two of them.


Thank you! Arrived at Otter Rock today and it actually looks promising considering the rest of the coast is blown out

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  • Seattle based foiler

Oh yeah definitely. There’s normally a couple of wings out there amongst all the kites.

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Can confirm - Indian Beach was pretty fun at high tide! About half-way south down the beach, had it all to myself!

Aren’t a lot of these PNW spots closeouty or shore-dumpy?

Not the ones on my list! Most are great.