Erik's 1210 setup for shredding small waves

I’m stalking Erik’s 1210 Takuma setup for small waves like a psychopath. I mean, who doesn’t want to shred like that? I figured it would be helpful (mainly to me at this moment) to break down exactly what he uses.

  • Takuma 1210
  • Tail?
  • Shims?
  • Fuse? Is this stock, or some mod
  • Mast position? Jammed all the way forward?
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I think the right conditions are super important for shreading on the 1210.
IMO nice and slow small/fat mush burgers, I love the Pedigo tail.


Haha. That’s a great foil in small surf. It’s slow but that fits with low energy. I was riding it pretty stock. 178 or kd13r. No shim on the tail. 1 takuma plate shim on the carbon mast.