Surf foil competition

Don’t you think there is a lack of event dedicaded to surf foil ?

I know not everybody is into contest, but I like contest as it is a good opportunity to regroup and meet passionned people and it helps to push the global level.


We looked into doing a contest here in Jax. Still love to do one at some point. Or maybe just a huge foil hang.


How good would it be to have the best such as Adam, James, etc… and others rippers to be at the same place same time pushing each other and more.


I know in France you made some Downwind events, is it possible to make a prone one?

I’m working on a surf foil event in France, I will let you know.

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I may be the bad guy here but I think big foil meet ups / hangs are far better than contest for prone foiling. That is just me trying to hang on to the cool culture in foiling a little longer before people are trying too hard to get sponsored left and right.


Girvin, you are not the bad guy, just not into competition.

Competion aspect doesn’t have to be bad, we can keep a good spirit and make it super fun.

The positive side for me is it makes the level going up, everybody interested about getting better would benefit from contest.

It is a good way to meet new people, try out new stuff, etc…


I like competition and am very competitive. I don’t like the culture that professional surfing brought out. Living in Hawaii most of my life it just got annoying. I foil with Pedigo and Gabe Kling mostly now and they are so good it makes you work harder to try and improve.

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Yes, but think about those people who foil alone without anybody to push them. And once again we are far from a surf foil world tour, I can see some fun events wich the main goal is to share experience and have good time with passionate people.


Fair point…I’m just trying to hold on to the culture as long as I can lol

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For exemple, the Sup foil dw event I helped to organise was super fun yet super competitive. At the end everybody included the best had learned so much.

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I think it would be fun to organize a weeklong event. Bring all the gear and send whatever conditions allow. Maybe even rider voting instead of judging. Do a bunch of different fun categories. Film it all and make a foil film from it. Pedigo and I have been talking about it.


That sounds rad Erik

Sounds good, the only thing to consider is how do you manage to have let’s say 50 foilers on the spot. It might be messy and hard to control.

Yikes :rofl: that might sound bad… but so much safer than 50+ kites, been there done that and everyone lived, I think.
Trade it in a second for My reality is 50 leash-less preachers (longboards w./o leg ropes)
Control is an illusion.

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Interesting view that I can get on board with to some level. I do think that the foil culture is a bit of a different breed from your standard surf culture though.

Duke’s Ocean Fest on Oahu this last week. I wasn’t there. In talking to the riders there the rules were.

5 man team, 1 SUP mandatory. 2 strapped rider’s MAX. Each heat is only your team in the water.

They had 2 regular surfer’s as judges with a foil rider who was consulting what moves were hard or not on foil.

Found some highlights finally. Foil Surfing Contest- Duke's Ocean Fest Team Foiling Competition, September 25, 2022 - YouTube

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Events are epic and a great excuse to travel and meet people from a different scene. I’d be down to France for sure if you ran something just to hang out and have an excuse to try something new.

Competition adds structure and flow and something to work towards, which definitely gets people interested, even if it’s just low key surf comp and wave link races or something

If people take it seriously and turn pro well then best of luck hopefully they still have fun!