Surf foil race league

This looked pretty fun, a bit ridiculous and kinda sketchy all at the same time. Anyone who was there care to comment? It looks like a novelty event that is probably too complicated to run, but a fun idea regardless. Is this the main event or is the surf contest the main attraction?

Clearly attracted some of the worlds top foilers, and they seem to be giving it a real go.

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I’ve gone to spectate, this being the third year. If by surf contest you mean the non foiling event that runs next door… I think zero foilers pay any attention to it. That event is a gimmick for the gen pop spring breakers.

Every year I have been there seems to be at least one day with somewhat lackluster waves. And the conditions are tough. High tide the waves don’t break much and low tide everybody runs aground on the sandbar.

Despite that, the best of the best show up and put on a show. It’s pretty well run. I’m sure each spectator has some preference of what could be improved. It was one of the first competitive foil events of any kind to be put on. And remains the only serious foiling event in North America.

Would I travel across the country to spectate- no. If I thought I had foiling skills and wanted to measure myself, would I travel across the country to compete?- Yes. And each year has brought higher caliber competitors.

As far as foiling goes and it’s the most real deal and accessible event in existence right now.


I have completed in the open division the last two years. I got 2nd last year and got smashed this year (didn’t even advance through one heat :grimacing::laughing:). Such an amazing event (always)! Watching Pedigo, Matteo, Gordon Harrison, Alex Hayes, and others “free surfing” after the contest was epic. I didn’t even want to paddle out. Just sat on the beach for 30-40 mins with a huge smile on my face. Such a fun weekend, can’t wait until next year.

PS - Paul Cooper on the foil drive the entire weekend was also mind blowing :exploding_head:


Sorry no I meant the foil surf contest alongside the foil race… wondering which is the draw.

Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like what you’d expect from a surf contest!

Saturday is the pump race. Sunday are the skills competitions (best trick, flow award, strapped & unstrapped heats).

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It was definitely chaotic and unnecessarily dangerous at times. (Too many competitors stacked too close together during the same heat, close-outs, etc.). But it was still an amazing event to experience and I think we should all support things like this as much as possible. I can’t imagine any random beachgoers that walked by were interested in watching the regular surfing event nextdoor when there’s guys on foils ripping turns and doing backflips at twice the speed. It’s the future and a great time to be a part of a growing sport. Let’s get some more foil events going!

@dillionaire I second the Paul Cooper comment. Was impressive to watch him in person!

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This was my first year in attendance. I still can’t wrap my head around the racing portion. As others have written, it appears chaotic and dangerous. There may be someone who values pump racing as a discipline, so I don’t mean to knock it, but I struggle to see the point. Especially when the surfing competitions require and showcase plenty of pumping skill. For the surf portion the waves weren’t great, but it helped to highlight the skills of the competitors. Being front row for some of the best in the world was worth my two hour drive for sure. I’m planning on going again, but will skip the races.

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This was my fourth year competing in the event. The racing element really served as a measuring stick not just for rider talent, but also to showcase the foil development that was occurring from year to year in those first couple years that the event was held. I think now that pretty much all of the foil brands have figured out how to make foils that pump / glide well, it’s really become much more about rider talent and their fitness level.

As far as the format, I think most foilers would agree that the expression sessions are generally more fun to watch because we all have a sense of appreciation for the level of difficulty. The general public can appreciate a backflip, but likely won’t grasp the difficulty in executing a tip out wrap to foam bang. The race portion, on the other hand, is much easier for the non-foiler to understand. Win the race. Simple. It’s also pretty captivating when there’s a bunch of riders up at the same time, with as many as 12 up and riding during some of the Pro heats.


it looks pretty hairy - helmets should be mandatory lol, and maybe some structure to the 20 man heats, maybe a staggered start. Also reminds me that the only person I know of to be severely injured on foil was paralysed hitting a shallow sand bank and landing on their neck.

As far as a concept, I really like it - racing is fundamental to literally every and any technology progression, and beach shore run racing is much more likely to be a viable race to put on compared to offshore DW, and not a pure boring like every variation of wing racing, and not boring like a surf contest, but I’m not sure about this exact structure. Though I’m not sure what I’d do to improve it.

If someone ran a contest and this was part of it, I’d definitely join. It reminds me of a mix between sup technical racing and clubby board racing - which neither usually that entertaining, but fun and competitive.

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