Unifoil Hyper 2 Reviews

Here’s mine:

Setup: H2 170, 83 katana, 13’’ tails, medium fuse
Tester: 75kg, advanced winger/prone, goals in all styles are surfing waves smoothly with great feeling carves
Testing Conditions: Multiple wing sessions in a variety of conditions including perfect waist high, multiple prone sessions in a variety of conditions including perfect chest high, 1 tow session in perfect chest high long period waves. Overall our conditions are not the foil-perfect waist high slow-motion waves of Jacksonville Florida, we have faster waves and a lot more wind.

Package/construction: someone should do a box opening video, the packaging is incredible with meticulous attention to detail with every component. Carbon everything, titanium bolts, covers and packages galore. wing and mast covers were useful on the jetski. Beautiful. Very sharp trailing edges.

Speed: Great, keeps up with long period swells and can pump to overtake. Really fast wing. Haven’t really found the top end as it stays so smooth throughout the range and I haven’t gone over chest high waves.

Stall/Glide: Stall speed is relatively high, glide is very good. No problem winging tacks/jibes etc, a bit technical prone pump (have to stay high and tap). Still able to do 4+ connections prone yesterday but it’s not a beginner/glider wing for sure. Good news is it’s so fast you get back out quickly like other small high aspect wings. I think the key is correct wing size purchase (size up). Katana mast is tapered and you can really feel the drag once you start grave-digging, have to keep it high.

Turning: Great turning, can crank tic-tacs with the ankles or do full blown snowboard carves. The key feature is (once you get the tail tuned) the foot pressure stays perfectly even through the turn making it immeasurably easier to foil surf. Stays even during carves, speed changes, and drop-ins, this drastically improves your wave-riding immediately. No more obsessing overs touchdowns and breaches, it just stays level and lets you surf. I can’t describe how refreshing it feels to be done with the old bucking bronco spending all your energy safety surfing.

Feel: It fulfills my personal foil goals of smooth fast buttery easy beautiful carves. I used to do a lot of snowboarding in deep powder and this wing brings back those feelings. In fact this Saturday I will be riding this foil in the morning then getting on a jet and riding powder in park city in the afternoon so I can compare directly LOL

Mast: Beautiful, sharp trailing edge, extremely stiff (no perceptible flex).

Tails: Got the 13’ G10 pack, seems good size but haven’t tried the 14’ maybe they improve the low end Gone through them all with different shimming and so far have settled on the shunt with 0* and the mast quite far forward.

Comparisons: This wing is an improvement on prior top third gen foils (takuma, lift, etc). It’s not a new generation or completely new style of foil (which the progression claims to be).

What Uni should you buy:
Several team riders told me they prefer this wing to progression because of the higher overall speeds. Others swear by the progression for it’s lower stall speed and better pump. My plans were to get the H170 then a prog140 but I’m going to wait and get a prog125 when those come out because this setup is satisfying my range for the time being. The 170 rides like a 120 so size accordingly. Unless downwinding (which I don’t do) I would not go any bigger for 75kg. And I honestly wouldn’t go any smaller.

Let’s get some more reviews!


Based on my experience with the 190, I agree with your assesesment almost 100%. The only minor disagreement I have is with breaches. I find it to be somewhat challenging to correct this foil from a breach.

I feel like the 190 almost handles like a 120. I was worried about the size (I rarely rode anything more than 1000-1100 before this), but its a non-issue. It is fast, turns hard, and can boost (winging) without any concern. I am glad I didn’t go any smaller.


oh yeah I forgot to comment on that, yes the breaches are middle of the road. I’ve been doing a lot intentionally winging and not getting smoked or bobbled but sometimes it pulls in air for sure


Thanks for the reviews! Super helpful!

I just ordered both Progressions and now it sounds like I need to get an H2 so I can wing at hyper speed. Only question now, other than am I insane for dropping so much cash and time on foils, is which one, H2 170 or 190. I’m looking for something that can make those marginal days in the SF Bay fun where it’s blowing 20mph or even more but due to the tide flooding not ebbing, the waves aren’t really rolling that well. Having a foil that can go fast and glide on the small mush makes it way more fun than just mowing the lawn. The Moses/SAB W1000 is decent for this but more speed is better.

It’s just so crazy to me that the H2’s have so much surface area and are still so fast. Must be really thin.

At 85 kg and with 20mph wind, it seems like that’s enough for the H2 170 but sounds like the 190 isn’t really maxing out on speed either. Welp, seems like more speed is better so H2 170 it is.

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hit a top speed of 27.3mph on prone downwinder today absolutely flying down a head high wave completely in control perfectly level flight, unreal! H2 170 med fuse, 83 katana w/shunt*0


Just took out the Hyper 2 210 for winging in waves and it is totally amazing - blew my mind!!

Clifford Coetzer and the Unifoil team have done a fantastic job on making it turn really well and at the same time it glides and pumps. Compared to some other newly released foils it is so far ahead - especially in respect of how lovely it turns. The other thing that is astonishingly is you can ride it incredibly slowly and it doesn’t drop off the foil unexpectedly. It goes really fast for such a large wing and gets up on the foil so easily and gently. People talk about the recovery of breaches, but putting the wing tips out really didn’t cause any issues. It was my first time out on it and there was such a short dial in time - it was immediately super smooth and stress free - maximum fun :slight_smile:

It is such a big step forward compared to the Hyper 1 210 (and the Hyper 1 210 is still a good foil).

Looking forward to trying it with a Race 13" tail.

I still have a Hyper 1 150 and Vyper 90 and wondered if anyone has a comparison with the Hyper 2 or Progression to see if it is worth upgrading these wings too?

Kit: Standard carbon mast, F-One Strike 5m V1, Unifoil Race tail no shims, Medium fuse, 60 litre F-one board, 80kg.

Although I don’t have much experience foiling in general I have been using the 210 Hyper 2 and its been really good to me. I started with a 1 degree shim and really quickly brought it down to a 0 for efficiency. Coming off of another brand with stripes I felt that the larger span still managed to roll over better. My pumping was an instant improvement but I also think the Katana mast helped. It’s way more powerful than the other brand in my opinion. All in all digging and feel myself constantly moving forward with the set up.