Gofoil GT2200 for DW sup

Anyone used the GT2200 for DW? Decent price on a full setup… I’m 70kilos and don’t want to get something too unruly.

I’ve been attempting with Lift which has been great for prone and ok learning sup in the surf. Very difficult paddling up in the flats and minimal chop though.

For DW several people have told me to go bigger.


Pretty sure Dave Kalama uses or used that one. Good size to try. Bigger and over foiled is the way to go in the beginning learning to DW. More opportunity to stay up on foil because you’ll feel every micro bump out there and get more energy.

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I used a GT2200 all last summer. (West Australia).
Great easy foil for downwind.
Averages around 3:30:per kilometre.
In super light wind it is a bit harder to pump around but once over 20knots it is just point and ride.
Here’s a video of me using it in about 10 knots.


If you have a good board then this foil might be a tad big for 70kg. I’m about 85kg . I have the RS1150 as my step down foil. Much faster and pump efficient.

This is rad. You look like you’ve already got it dialed. Our boards are pretty similar dims. Mine is an amundson 6’6 x 23. Was thinking the 2200 as I’m a bit behind your curve. We’re about 10-15knots average locally. Awesome videos!

I ordered the GT2200. It arrives today shortly. When my wife sees another foil it could get ugly. Pray for me.