GoFoil vs. Takuma

I don’t see much posted on here about GoFoil or Takuma for winging and downwind. I am on older GoFoil gear (GL) and can either upgrade everything including version 1 mast or should I just switch to Takuma (Helium). I live in Hood River so mostly for windy river runs. Not much ocean use. Are both these brands top of the line or should they be avoided? Thanks in advance.

I am on gofoil too, not a lot of love for the brand in this neck of the woods. I’ve not ridden takuma, I know some people are dedicated to it, but I hear a fair bit of complaining about the mast and connections.

You can certainly throw a vast amount of money at performance upgrades, but whether that’s worth it depends how much you want it or need it. For winging, IMHO, the GL series works fine. Not the super high aspects that glide forever, but decently fast glidey wings. Consider upgrading the stab first, the new FT ones make a noticable difference. The RS line of front wings are pretty nice…people are stoked on RS1300 for glide and pump. Bigger guys like the GT2200. Newer masts are stiffer, good for pumping if you seek that.

For downwinding with a wing, and in decent swell, GL also probably fine … as you have lots of swell power to work with and wind power on demand. But the flatter the swell and lighter the wind, or for downwinding with a paddle, then you get into higher performance needs, where the investment is maybe more worth it.

On the other hand, if you have the $$ and want the joy, buying new gear feels great, can put some pep in your step, so why not. Now that RS has been out a while, there are some cheaper used ones. And with new mast coming out, the older ones will come up soon.

Here’s a listing for RS1075…which is the new sexy one, good price

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Takuma have a whole new system coming out that is not compatible with the current system , so I’d wait for that if you decide to switch.

Lots of next gen wings coming in the next 6 months: new cabrinha, unifoil, axis, lift, takuma. All better than the current offerings from each brand (as usual).

Hold out as long as you can and then get the cutting edge and cruise for a bit!

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Thank you, that is very valuable information.

Thank you, I didn’t know Takuma was rebuilding their gear. Good to know.

Meanwhile if you go to Maui esp Ka’a, it’s overpopulated hotshots with GoFoil, but they are all riding the stepped RS and GT, fixed tails. All better than GLs.

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When you say not compatible do you mean the new mast and fuse? Or something else that makes the foils incompatible too?

Word is Takuma have a totally new design coming.

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Whoa! That is crazy looking. Looks like it could be one piece besides the tail. We’re listening…

Gofoil construction is bomber. Best in the industry, even to the point where i’m willing to live with the mediocre wing designs - that is the new designs. The GL series is HOT GARBAGE - its a dog that wants to ventilate and Chuck Norris sniper shot you every 10 seconds. NL is better but slow. RS is OK.

Bumpy takuma kujira wings designs are so good it defies all logic and reason, ruined by their construction but if you are willing to tinker there’s a whole cottage industry devoted to fixing it.

Don’t go crazy waiting for new gear, the cabrinha updates are here and aren’t crazy, new 1050 isn’t a replacement for the 1000, just a complementary design. Reshuffling of the existing design with different AR. If you’re a cabrinha rider and wanted “downwinding” for Christmas your happy. Otherwise no change.

Judging by Takuma’s release timelines that full carbon bottom is, MINIMUM, 6 months from being something you can put in your actual hand. The “current new” carbon and aluminum mast upgrades with the better fuse are JUST NOW commercially available and they’ve been teased for approximately forever. Also, i’d fully expect the first batch of a new carbon construction like that to shit the bed. I wouldn’t be the guinea pig there.

We’re past the point of new wings being “revolutionary performance”. We’re now shuffling different tradeoffs of AR, Span, etc. See this with the Cab - the new new 1050 has more span and glide but its not going to be a real surf wing - hence keeping the 1000 in the lineup with updated construction bits and paint. Also, see @mikepedigo still ripping on the ANTIENT. 1210.


Thank you for that response. I think the Takuma stuff is going to trickle out rather than a full revamp but we’ll see. How do you feel about the GT’s? I’ve been thinking about the 14 or 1200.

Do ya want to pump and surf small weak stuff? Get the RS. 1150, 1075(not my fav but seems ok for others) 1300 for downwind or gliding. The GT stuff is for powered point breaks (slower wing controls the speed) or ding. (GT 2200 is its own thing for paddle ups)

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I ride the GT1400 and the RS1075, have owned RS1150, RS1000. The RS1075 profile is the best in the GF range imo, I would like a RS1400 the same profile as the RS1075

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Interesting point about the Cab wings, although it’s all speculation and we will see after people ride them, but I had the same impression as you – moving from away from surf to HA winging/downwinding.

Let’s see when people get to ride them, apparently they’re not even shipping for 4-6 weeks

I switched from Armstrong to Gofoil about 18 months ago, and really love the set up. Nice and simple! also, Alex doesn’t design his gear to sharp him, and I don’t bleed as much lol. Been riding the GT 1400 for winging and average board speeds from 17–23 mph. The GT 2200 tops me up on foil in the lightest of winds on a 30 inch mast. I’m looking to upgrade my set up and would make you a deal on the upgrade. Compared to the GL series. The GT will be faster and more efficient, yet just a stable. Shoot me a DM if interested. Aloha, Jason

" I don’t bleed as much lol". haha … I tried buddy’s takuma for a 5 min winging run … changing over, I kicked the ginsu upward wingtip and gashed my foot.

To be fair, Gofoil has same problem with NL series, I’ve since filed all those tips off, as they effectively do nothing. OP: you can get NL wings for nearly nothing nowadays, they are a slight upgrade on GL, though not as good as new series.

My only other foil cut is wing to the head going over the falls on a rare no-helmet day. That too will happen with any foil, though some worse than others. Protect your melon, wear a helmet!

Hi @Dfern

I ride Cloud IX, bit of an underdog here, I distribute the brand here with other brands too, may be biased, I think big winds have some demos from the new FS (Forward Swept) line. Great hybrid between glide and carving ability (Cloud IX focuses mainly in surfing) and a full line of sizes that coversa great deal of conditions. I mostly use the 850 as my all-round wing for surf and winging and it carves and glides greatly, FS1150 tons of glide and holds well good speed for downwinds (It’s my go to with SUP Downwind)!
A HA that’s not crazy HA and can turn like a proper surf foil (AR 8.5), tail positioning flexibility (no need to buy several fuses, you can adjust tail for more pitch sensitivity or more glide), build is strong and pricing is not gonna break the bank (great price/benefit relation)

Here are some independent reviews you may want to consider:


Also can check my instagram @maretasurf for some more content on the cloud IX’s

Hope this helps.

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Gotta throw my biased 2 cents in. I think the hardware is very important. Unifoil, Cloud IX and Konrad all use M8 screws, which are less likely to strip or back out. I’ve been riding and starting to demo out Cloud IX - FS and F series. I really like the fit, hardware, glide and turning of the FS1000. Konrad has a great alloy foil for $1K. And the upcoming Progression Project new wing from Unifoil has a huge amount of good story to it, that I absolutely can’t wait to try (but probably too thin for jumping on the wing)

I don’t like that you need mallet to put together GoFoil, and tail shimming would need an adapter. I have personally seen Takuma strip out their wing to fuselage connections, and I have been sliced up a few times by those upturned winglets.

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