Hood River Runs

Hey Zarb, I would leave my gear at the hatchery end of the run. Lots of folks doing this, then I would simply get myself back to my car, via hitching a ride, walking or running. Then I’d drive back to get my gear, turn around, and drive back to the launch. This worked fine for the short stretch from Swell City to the Hatchery. For longer runs, I’d want to set up a shuttle with a friend. I’m not sure how traffic, ride availability, and gear safety change as the season gets going, as I’m not a local.

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I wouldn’t want to walk Hwy 14 West of Swell City in either direction, carrying foil gear or not. Not much of a shoulder on either side and plenty of loaded log trucks doing 100kph. Between Swell and the Hatchery you can kinda get away with it as it’s a short distance.

Hey @Bonifacio, I spent last night on Google street view checking that stretch between Swell and Hatch. Seems OKAY with the exception of a few small parts where it seems like you’d have to jump the barrier and walk through the long grass? I might cut out a section of pool noodle to pad the mast so it doesn’t hurt to have my board slung over my shoulder on the walk - then I can walk with a fully assembled setup, and then just stash the padding and flipflops in a fannypack while I do the runs. :sunglasses:

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Hey Noripplez, were you the fella from Orcas Island crusing with Kent?

Frothers remember you can always wing upwind and paddle downwind. A good compression backpack and a paddle on the wing will have you smiling and forgetting about the deets.

Yes…Did we meet?

Yes we did. I was a lone foiler at the take out early a.m. riding axis gear.

What’s up gang? Just got to Hood River for the first time. Keen to do Swell to Hatch runs. Looks like Thursday will be good! Hit me up if anybody is doing DW SUP runs over there. Thanks!

Massive stretch :joy::joy::joy:

My last Gorge trip I rode Swell to Hatch at least 20 times and it took less than 3 minutes to wing back to the top and start again.

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I arrive on Sunday. Keen to join you.

Ran tunnel runs to hatch yesterday, pretty killer for our standards. Heading east today with my buddy. Thinking silo/rufus runs, or Arlington. give me a shout 4019322231 Casey

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Yesterday was my first session in Hood, took the wing out on a scouting mission. Event site up to Swell City and then just rode swell the whole way back down. It was epic.

Today I’m planning on taking the SUP out to dial in gear and get used to the conditions, hopefully I’ll be ready for a few bigger group runs in a couple of days.

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Well shit… today was tricky. Got up a couple of times and had some longer runs linking a lot of bumps.