Kujira II Reviews

Very intersted in the Kujira II’s but can’t find any reviews. Love the old Kujiras - wouldn’t buy the new ones without some comparisons between new and old. Has anyone ridden them yet and how do they compare?

Putting the different pieces together… Takuma lost their main designer to another company called AFS foils (another French company). AFS along with the new ex-Takuma designer, is quickly releasing foils that are almost identical to the Kujira 2 foils. Takuma had to rush their release to get out first, so they weren’t ready with the typical team videos/testimonials, marketing hype, literature, etc… but they said it’s coming.
There is a guy that has them (the new foils) and has released some videos (from what looks like a hotel room). They look insane, but hard to tell anything “real” for certain…


Any link to the hotel vids? :neutral_face:

From memory those videos were on the takuma owners facebook group posted by matt barker smith

Hadrien Brunner has all of the gear and is clearly working on a review. I don’t know ETA, but hes always responsive and will address questions.

Thanks mate i will keep an eye out. I saw a couple of “initial feel” reviews on the takuma facey group too - both of them stated that the new ones had way better glide and easier to pump.

A few recent french videos about the Kujira II:

Review from Hadou:

Interview with owner of Takuma:

Good information there


Thanks for doing that! I’ve been trying to interpret auto translate with little success. I have some questions and thoughts.

I found that the ends of my m8 masts were convex, and testing with a laser showed that connection was looser than the m6. Carefully sanding them flat made them far stiffer than m6.

I’m a little fascinated with their anhedral shape. I thought the 1095 (v1.5?) shape, like hyper/progression, was the future, but they went back to 1210/1440 shape. Sounds like they turn alright though.

I was getting the sense watching Hadou’s review that he was saying the pump is more sensitive to porpoising, so you need a flatter pump. Is that what you mean by different pump? Is it as sensitive as, say, ART you think?

I want to have an adapter to put kd tails on them. I don’t think it should be hard?

Aloha I did put in subtitles now if that helps…

1095 is great in smooth conditions, however at our place its a rough mess and then it feels too pitch unstable, although the higher AR of the K2 its way more stable!

Pump feels a little different but not completely and matter of a few runs to get the hang of it!

KD tails, thinks its not easy the way the fuse is now… but many options that all work great to choose from the Takuma tails!

Good to know thanks, and no I was referring to the French reviews not yours….

In the smaller sizes 980 and below they have more glide, way more stability, less bouncy pump and faster, stall speed feels quite similar.

In the bigger sizes 1100 and above they are more manoeuvrable and faster with more glide!

Construction is als great improvement!