Kujira2 first feels

Used the 1250 Kujira2 today, felt alot like the 1440 except was faster and had alot more glide. Bottom end the same. Was downwinding in medium bumps.


Nice, its such a bummer they went and changed the front wing interface. Such a screw you to their customers.

I really want to try that wing tho, Mister bennetts was riding it in his recent video and said its probably the best in the pocket surf wing he has tried to date but not a great pumping wing at least in the small size he was using.

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I agree with the “screw you” element of the V2 Kujira non-compatibility. I like their foils, but their gear has never been inexpensive. I do expect companies to continually make their equipment better, but they should make their new stuff compatible with older stuff via adapters. Guess Foilparts might do this…

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Jim Stringfellow already makes a fuselage to accept the new wings on your v1 gear or NO Limitz- 3 hole but it’s about $300 extra you have to shell out.


Is it this one?.
It is 150$
So this alllows a Takuma V1 mast into a Takuma V2 (HD) fuse right?.


Yip just spoke to him. The fuselage is obviously a cleaner solution but the adapter still works.


Does anyone use a longer fuse than the stock 65cm? I’m currently on axis adv+ short and am liking it, especially for slightly bigger waves. Wonder if there is an equivalent kind of fuse for K2. Or maybe the whole axis tons of different fuse options only makes sense for axis? I also highly liked the advance and advance+ over the stock axis fuse for the spitfire

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Similarly, I think the 1400 is as fast or faster than the 1210.

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For me the Kujira 2 are just amazing, pretty better than v1. Bought the 950 / 36 stab and that wing replaced my 1095 in mostly every prone session.
After that also bought 1100 and 1400 (with stabs).

K2 its just better than k1
Faster, turns super smooth, good low end, good pump and glide, and easier to use!


Do you have a sense which front wing is closest to the 1210 in stability/pump/turn? I’d guess the 1100?

ive got the 1250 950 and 650, i did 6km on the 1250, so far the only one ive ridden and only one session. will probably ride the 950 today if the wind comes up

so to answer your question mate sorry no i dont really have a gauge yet on which one feels like that.

Really don’t know but I think 1250. 1100 feels like a 1095 V2.0

Yes changing the wing interface is a “screw you” to existing customers. But to be honest their v1 fuse/wing interface was such a terrible design that they had to improve it. I love takuma wings but dumped them all once I had had enough fiddling with their bad design. Went to axis and never looked back, their interfaces just work (as I’m sure several other brands do too).

This guy seems to think the smaller sizes feel bigger than their measurements, eg “800 feels closer to the 980 than the 750” I’ve mostly been on the 1400 and think it feels a bit smaller than the 1440, whereas the 1100 feels like a 1095 that pumps much more intuitively, which is perfect I’d say. I was talked out of the 1250 but I just ordered one because I think it’ll be just right for our surf until I get better.

I have the 800, 1100, and 1400.
Honestly, though there clearly is a difference, I don’t find it to be absolutely game changing.

the 1100 and 1400 have a similar feel in that they are very smooth rides with great glide and pump.
The 1100, compared to my old 1095 feels a tad less dynamic in the turns, but buttery overall.

The 800 is a completely different beast. I don’t find it simple to pump, but it’s so incredibly reactive and turns on a dime. Also so much faster than the bigger sizes. I expect it to be fantastic in bigger surf this winter.

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