Lift 120ha vs 150hax

Real world difference? Interested in turning and speed. I know the 150 will pop up earlier. Speed and turning I’m wondering about. Anyone ridden both?

I have both wings. I use the 120 as my daily driver and have ridden it for probably 2 years and still love it. That being said I am interested in trying new wings and will probably get a 150 surf soon. The 150 HAX I use for downwinding. The glide that the 150 has is insane. Also its speed range to me seems enormous. We’ve had a lot of NE wind in New Jersey lately and I rode the 150 HAX on an ocean downwinder where it was blowing 30-35mph with swell around 4-6ft. That very same night I took the same set up to the bay where the wind speed was the same but the bumps were probably 1ft at 3-4 seconds. The 150hax handled both conditions pretty damn good in my opinion.

I always ride the
120 with the 26 carve
150hax with 25 glide.

To me I think the extra length on the fuse on the 25 glide is what makes a big difference between the two when I try to compare. Sorry for the long winded response hahah

Long story short

120-more turny, and slightly higher top end

150hax- less turny, better low end and close to equal top end, way better pump.

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I completely second what Maxipadd wrote, i have the same feelings.
I really enjoy the 150X + 26 Carve combo, making the eing a bit faster and turnier.

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