Lift 110 HAX downwind review

Wind was up on Maui last week and I got to chance to try the Lift 110 HAX. I tried the 150 the week before and it was a very user friendly foil. The 110 is not as user friendly, but it is very fast. Idea is 9min and I averaged 15.5mph over the first 3 miles. runs on the 120, but for a first time bout, I was very pleased. Needs some work on pitch stability, but Kane gave me some ideas on how to do that. I was running this 110HA X with the long fuse from and the Kane 13M all the way back. The width of this foil means that it does not bank into turns as nicely as the 120 or the 150, but in all out speed, once dialed in it feels like this will be the ticket.

This is a foil that I would never be able to get going without the Kalama Performace Barracuda. Super High Aspect foils don’t like a steep angle, and the amazing glide of the barracuda lends itself to these kids of foils.

Sorry for the swearing in the video… I was pretty excited to say the least. I didn’t post my first attempt. It was just about 25 strokes in a row, and I couldn’t quite get it to lift, and then I fell. I’d be happy to repost it, but I figured the video is long enough. This was my second attempt at getting it to lift and my first run on the Foil at all.

These Lift foils are so great. Not sure what I will run in the races this year, but it’s nice to have options.


Are these specifically designed as race foils? Much higher aspect than most other production foils

The X line are race foils.

Sorry, I I guess I should’ve put in something about what the wing is. By the way, I am not sponsored by Lift. I ride Lift, Unifoil and Axis wings.

Specs on the 110:

  • Aspect Ratio: 13.1
  • Surface Area: 110 in2 / 710 cm2
  • Wingspan: 38" / 96.5 cm

I am planning on buying this wing and the 150 HAX. I already on the 120 HA. I’m not exactly sure what conditions I would ride the 110, but I am looking forward to figuring it out!


thanks for sharing and cool to have an independent review!

Thanks Shep. Would be great if you can also review the 150


I will do! I have used the 150 once, and it is a great wing. Turns while has lots of glide and lifts very easily. I’m attempting to cross the Kaiwi with it Saturday and the wind is not great. Should be a very good test of the wing and my skills. Here’s hoping!

Review on the 150HA for the wing dingers would be rad too

Waiting for it to come at hi-tech. Plan to try it with long adapter but I also have the 3” extender ordered so I can pair with 26 carve tail… good luck with the channel crossing


Thanks for the info! Any updates on the 150ha? Would love to try out one of these new foils.

I have tried the 150 twice. Below is a quick video of the first attempt at lifting. Couldn’t believe how easy it lifted. The wind was much lighter that the wind in the 110 video, but still good Maui wind. My second attempt was in the Kaiwi channel (between Oahu and Molokai) and it worked great. Very happy I had it the low end is very very low and it turns well, which is so important on that stretch of water. I still don’t have my 150 yet, so once I do I’ll try get more video.


Hey Shep. First off thanks for the videos and great info. How does the low end of the 150HAX compare to the 120HA?

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Much better low end that’ll the 120. I’d guess a couple MPH less. Crossing Kaiwi I was going really slow in spots and kept it going. Turn almost as well, not as fast.

@shep what tails are you liking best on the 150HAX?

Love the Kane 13M on everything, but if the wind is light I like the 13R

Thanks for that. I own one of the those tails, along with a bunch of others, so I know where to start. And thanks for the chat back and forth - I see you ride a few brands which makes removes some of the bias !

Yes I have lift, Unifoil, signature, axis……hahaha


Are you shimming the marlin? Do you find the low end is significantly less then 13r or not too bad?

Whilst we are quizzing you to death @shep which adaptor?

Ha ha! All good.

Shimming: When I am doing downwind runs, so I do not shim the marlin, but depending on the application, if I’m surfing or towing, then usually yes. I am shimming the mast .5 in the front to even out the foot pressure. The lift stuff is so tough on the back leg

Adapter: I am using the Foil parts, long carbon adapter.

Hope this helps!


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