Lift 70HA vs 72LCX

Has anyone ridden the 70 ha or 72 lcx?

I’m mostly on the wing in the summer but could see it working well for towing in the winter.

Can’t find any first-hand info on the interwebs…

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We have used the Lift 120ha and 90ha for towing 8-10 foot rollers and faces. They were moving super fast. The 120 couldn’t keep up to the speed but the 90 did. You’d have to be on some pretty crazy big/fast waves to need the 70ha IMO. The 120 was great on the medium sized ones.

Have you considered the new Lift 110hax? They say it pumps better than the 120ha but handles speed better than the 90ha. That’s what we’re going to use.

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110 is great for going straight,I enjoy turning.
I have one used twice if you’re interested…

I have all the foils you mentioned. Still no mention of the 70 or 72.

From guys who tow in Hawaii and other around the world reefs. The 70ha is amazing for a head high + pointbreak style wave and you want to surf like you’re on a shortboard.

The 72LCX is the tow weapon for large cloudbreak among other big waves. No top end that they’ve found so far.

The 110X is absolutely the best turning 97cm span wing I’ve ever tried to turn. Put the 20 Carve on it and it’s too turny (for my conditions) and like trying to balance on a yoga ball. Way better choices like what you’ve mentioned for a tow wing though. Both the 90 and the 70’s are probably quite a bit faster and easier to ride.

I’m surprised that guy from the NW FB group didn’t snap that thing up. Great deal!

I would highly recommend the Lift 70HA for tow foiling. The 70HA turns so well, it feels like a shortboard! The 70HA is also very pitch stable, which makes it easy to plow through the swell when you’re getting towed around looking for a wave.

The 70HA handles turbulence very well, Best/easiest wing I’ve tried for tow foiling so far.
The only downside is I can’t pump the 70HA very well. I can pump and glide through a dead section to connect a reform but I can’t use it to kick out of a wave and pump out for a double dip.

I’ve ridden the 70HA in fat CH to 1’+ OH waves.

I’ve wondered how that LCX would be for high speed winging

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I usually tow with 100 surfV2 on Oahu with the 26 carve. Last weekend I didn’t think it would be very big, so I went with 110HAx figuring it would be less than overhead. Turned out to be 1-1.5 overhead. Hated it. Way too twitchy and unstable. Felt like I was on the edge until I got to the inside where it was smaller. Wished I had the 100 surfV2. My tow partner is convinced that high aspect doesn’t work for towing if there’s some size. Thoughts?

Thinking of 72LCX for big stuff and wing racing. Anyone tried the 72LCX AND 70HA?

I have wondered that too. I’m keen to hear from anyone who is on the know

On the lift 70HA