Progression tail bolt size

Hi. Just bought a progression setup. With the 0 degree shim in, the recommended 16mm m6 rear bolt is too long, as is the 18mm front bolt. The 16mm bolt works for the front but I don’t have anything shorter than 16mm in the toolbag for the rear. I can get it to work with the -0.5 shim and 2 x 16mm bolts. Does the progression tail require shorter bolts?

I sometimes run into this with thin tails. the simplest answer is to make another 0 shim with an old credit card and stack it.

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I had the same issue and just ground the screw down shorter a bit with a vice-grip and grinder…3min fix
Good luck and careful not to shoot the screw across the room🤙

Im pretty sure the 12 mm are for the tails, and the 18 and 16 for the fuse to front wing bolts. At least thats what I do.