Lift M2 vs no limitz v2

Anyone have an option? I figure the no limitz will be lighter but comparable / maybe a bit more drag due to the larger wetted area. Seems like the no limitz is a better value for money

wow… just seen the price of the M2 masts… would love to know the stats/comparison too! Eye-watering…

Have you seen the price on the new Axis Ultra High Modulus “Pro” mast? Things are getting wild


If the M2 is the same dimensions as the classic but as stiff as the X2 was (roughly what the marketing says), I’m not likely a buyer. The NL is cheaper with similar enough dimensions(115mm x 15.5). The X2 was about 123mm x 17mm. Not sure the chord on the classic but pretty sure it’s 14mm thick.

It looked to me like they used the same base plate thickness on the classic and the X2. The stiffer mast of the X2 was breaking those base plates. It’s hard to tell from the tiny pic but I assume they’ve beefed up that interface on the M2.

There’s a lift version NoLimtz v1.5 for sale in Los Angeles for $800 maybe? Surprised no one’s picked it up yet.

The classic lift mast is 15mm as far as I can tell using dial calipers with a chord of 117.

Obviously these numbers don’t tell the whole story as the foil section can have a huge impact on the drag.

I also have an X2 (it’s probably my post on seabreeze you’re getting the numbers from :wink:). Well technically I’ve had 3 X2’s the first 2 had baseplate cracks develop. Can’t fault lift for their warranty support.

I have a feeling the cracks were in a superficial layer of fiber the was not properly layed up into the radius of that corner. But the aluminum baseplate of a no limitz does seem like a better solution.

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Anyone have a chance to compare M2 to NL V2 yet?


For what is worth (I’m the OP) I decided to go the M2 route and am very happy.

These are the two masts I’m looking at presently. There appears to be lots of reviews and commentary on the NL v2 but not much about the M2. I think if the NL v2 was universal or at least capable of facilitating a couple of brands, I’d probably pull the trigger on it. I’m currently on Lift foils exclusively but may switch to Axis in future as it’s readily available in my area. I’m into efficiency and getting on the water fast and couldn’t really be bothered with adapters and doodads etc which I know you can get for the NL. As such, I’ll probably settle on the 36” M2 Mast. I’m currently on the 36” Classic.

Very keen on hearing more feedback on the M2 Eriefoiler. i.e. Weight, efficiency through water, stiffness etc.

Fwiw, I have the Nolimitz V2 with the Axis foot.

I have the following adapters as well all made by Stringy;
Axis foot Armstrong fuselage.
Axis foot to F-One
Axis foot to AFS Fueslink/Silk

The only thing I can give a straight apples to apples comparison on is the Armstrong.
No noticeable difference between an Armstrong performance mast and fuse vs the Nolimitz with Stringy fuse.

I have only ridden the Silk adapter behind a boat, but was super impressed. I need to get on some faster waves next week to determine if its as food as I think.

The ability to swap brands will easily outweight a negligible difference in drag.

The cedrus evolution surf mast is a great option as well. It is universal by design. The new adapter system is vastly superior to the old design. The new design has guidance pins that ensure that the adapter is correctly aligned (i hated fiddling with that on the old mast). I currently own the evolution surf and used to own the old one. I also have a nolimitiz v2 which i also really like (i have an 87cm nolimitz and 72 cedrus so hard to compare them directly, but there are several reviews on youtube looking at same size)

My main gripes with the cedrus is the long delivery time and large chunky mast plate that attaches with screws (the sleek bonded nolimitz foot is superior by my highly subjective opinion)

I’ve only had the cedrus for a few weeks though while I’ve had the nolimitz for a year. I don’t break down my gear between use so i hope the cedrus doesn’t corrode


I was riding with a buddy and his NL v2 snapped at the mast plate just riding swell. He’s a big guy and No Limitz did cover the warranty, but he’s without for a month or so. I ordered my Cedrus Evolution the day that happened. Looking forward to getting it in the next month or so!

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If it’s just lift and axis for you, know that you can go NL dedicated to Lift (or straight M2) and get a custom Lift to Axis fuse from stringy. Since the axis fuselages are aluminum anyway, it’s basically stock - just using the lift spacing for mast bolts.

Great suggestion. I came to that conclusion today as well after discovering the Lift to Axis Fuselage with FoilParts. I didn’t know Stringy did one. I‘m liking the M2 as it’s all carbon with no visible bond lines.

I cant comment on the NL mast - never ridden one. But the M2 is identical in weight and drag to the og lift mast - but noticeably stiffer. I dont have any complaints with stiffness on the M2 - I ride the 150hax often and occasionally the 180hax.

Hope that helps!

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It may be easier to go Axis to lift as its just an adapter in the foot.