Small sizes of Vyper question

I was surprised how well the Uni Vyper 150 pumped recently, but top speed was a problem. It maxed out at ~20mph. Does anyone now how much faster the 130 and 90 are? Also, curious how long someone could pump a 90 if the had too (and your weight)?

I haven’t maxed out my vyper 130 yet but I have been consistently clocking speeds around the 35-37km mark on head high + waves. At a guess it will max out around 40km/hr but speculation only!

Edit: it is very comfortable at those speeds, I love the wing. I bet the 90 is much faster but haven’t tried it yet


Can you pump the 130 at all?

I am very interested in a vyper 90 for winging in big winter swells and prone. Maxing out the pp140 and wondering if a 90 would be a terrible idea? ~70kg/155lbs

What would be the biggest shortcoming? Don’t need to pump for either really

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Same here. Prone surfing chest to overhead point waves, the 130 Vyper is magic. 35kph 22mph comfortably. On hard turns 43kph 27mph. Have done way more on a kite in straight line runs, limitation is usually the tail/shim. A smaller tail helps with quick pitch correction at speed. Keep in mind theres exponentailly more lift at higher speeds. An increase of 2mph is very different at 20 than at 25mph. 95kg. No, can’t really pump it.

I can pump it a bit but not long distances. It is much harder to pump than the progressions obviously. I’m a shit pumper though, I bet someone with top pumping skills could pump it just fine. I watched a youtube vid of Alex Hayes pumping the 130 for miles in hawaii

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For kiting, I am thinking of picking up Vyper 90. I have the 150. For downwind swell and bumps with kite it is great, with a surf feel, but doing upwind speed runs Limited top end. I’m pretty light at just under 150 lbs. Vyper 90? Mostly prone on the progressions. 125, 140, 170. Haven’t tried the 125 with kite yet. Maybe I will see how that feels on kite. I still think I could skip the 130 and depending on 125 prog. either get the 90 or just stay with 125. Thoughts?

If I had the 125 and weighed 60lbs lighter I would also choose Vyper 90 over 130. But that’s me prioritising prone surfing and cruising on a kite in light winds on the odd occasion. If you are chasing GPS speeds on a kite, maybe wait for Uni’s new wings coming later…

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