“Mid-length” prone boards?

Sure, does this work?

These are pre-production boards, only difference is the tracks on the 40L have been moved back by 1.5" in the production.

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What’s your weight and 60 litre width? Ive tried quite a few larger boards over the years’ and a 45 always catches waves easier - im 95kg. Think I’d have to go full on floater 110litre and narrow to improve on that.

I’m 80kgs but usually wearing a 5/4 so closer to 85k. The 60L is 21" wide.

I’m loving my 40L but the 60L definitely makes catching small waves easier for me. Were the larger boards you tried on the wider side?

Did you get this in the end? I’m interested in a wing/mid-length crossover, wondering if something with same dims but thinned to get to region of about 60-65L.

Ideally then have a 3 board quiver of prone, mid-wing and downwind…

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final dims got tweaked around a bit. Wound up at 5’7", 21" and 80L. Its being fabricated by Appletree, but probably won’t have it for 2-4 weeks. They are releasing a wide size range of these boards soon (some narrower too), but its not officially available yet.

The Majek Burner looks sweet, but lower volume. Omen is another option.


Greg_F: can you talk a bit more about your 60l board in terms of what you think makes it better and what you use it for? You mentioned light wind winging. What wind strength, wing size and foil size?

This looks perfect, 5’6” x 16 1/2” x 50L definitely a cool concept. Same width as my prone board


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Hey Miamiwnger,

I’ve been loving the 60L as its been a substitute for a “big” lightwind specific winging or DW board as it gets me out in the lightest wind I’d like to wing in. I haven’t measured windspeed but figure it’s about 12kts? That’s with a 5m Aluula wing and 1050 foil, so not exactly lightwind specific gear, but below 12kts I’d rather kite foil or surf foil.

I’ve also used the 60L a lot prone surfing which I wasn’t expecting. When the conditions look really marginal I often find myself going for it over my 40L. Have been having a lot more on really small days as well as catching a lot more waves in bigger, messy surf when there is lots of current.

I also like keeping my personal gear pretty steamlined/minimal, between the 40L and 60L I’ve got a huge range of conditions covered:

-40L for good days prone surfing
-40L for good days winging
-60L for light wind winging
-60L for marginal surf foil conditions
-40L for super light wind kite foil

Overall I think the 60L sits in a happy medium between the super long and efficient Kalama style downwind boards and more conventional “stubby” wing shapes. Dedicated DW SUP and winging aerial freestyle/spins are at the opposite ends of the use spectrum IMO and to achieve extreme performance in either, extreme compromises need to be made. For my use case of prone surf and winging waves, the 60L gets most of the benefits of both ends of the design spectrum while mitigating the compromises of each.

I’ve been going back and forth on SUP downwinding but thinking the drop anchor is going to fit better in my life as a way to ride swell without a wing. The 40 and 60 stay in my rooftop Yakima box, so always on hand when the opportunity for a quick session presents itself!

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Can you provide more details on this?

Decided do try mid lengths to help paddle in bigger surf, so, I’m planning on building a 5’5x18 55L. How far from the tail should I put the boxes?

This has been fun for me of late, different feels and look 5’6 x 19 x 40 litres :call_me_hand:


@Vegan_freefoiler ahh nice actually emailed Dale the other day asking if he was doing mid-lengths what did that set you back?

My daily is a JS Bennetts 4’5 x 29L but really thinking of adding something a long the lines of a 5’5x17 @55L or so into the mix for smaller days. You must have kept the board pretty thin to end up at that volume with those dims?

I got that one second hand but it was a killer prone board forget what he charges but now getting a custom similar dima from James at Konrad boarding , think they all about $1600 prior I was also on 4’4 Bennets but loving the mid feels​:blush::call_me_hand:

Yeah wanted to still have litres I could duckdive in normal or bigger days and would struggle 50 littres

funny you say that I held James’ stryk the other weekend and he’s bringing one down for me to demo in a few weeks

Good point on the duck diving I keep forgetting that when adding litres but to be honest the times I’d pull out the midlength I’m unlikely going to need to duckdive

Please keep us posted as I reckon once I demo the konrad I’m going to want one I just want to know how extreme I can go on the length/width to fully maximise paddle speed without sacrificing too much else. Measuring the bennetts, I could even see going down to 16 wide while keeping length could be a goer

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Yep I’m going 5’4 x 18.5 x 36 litres on the stryk so will chip in small days and can still duck dive on bigger days and they feel well balanced with the swingweight through turns too


I built mine with 40l for duckdiving too (6x19),i am 70kg.
Next one will be 6x17 but same liters.

True that this boards are great for small days but in my conditions (beachbreak closeout) on bigger days i want (need :slight_smile: ) to get in the wave early or get thrashed.

I think these foil midlenghts are not only nice for ankle slappers, if you keep them duckdiveable for your weight they can be very versatile.

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I will still plan to use my JS Mister Bennetts 29L for any half decent days I really do love that board but having just sold my downwinder sup and wing board I think I’m going all in with prone and a mid length will fit the quiver nicely

Anyone see any issues if I was to go for something say 5’5 x 16 @55L I’m kind of just going with the whole long/skinny downwind trend but don’t see many places doing stock dims like this so wondering if I’ve gone too far?

I’m 70kg and am ok if I can’t duck dive this particular board (because again JS board) but I want the absolute best paddle speed for the smallest of waves and getting to certain bay waves.

Very narrow. 17. Even 18 is fine I bet.


i agree it’s very narrow but when measuring most points on my JS bennetts it’s that narrow or even more so and I don’t seem to have any issues with stability on that and this board would be even longer and more volume.

Other than stability what’s the downside of going skinnier as I’m thinking less touch points and better paddle speed but happy to be corrected

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