“Mid-length” prone boards?

It’s almost never deep enough wherever I foil to do a true deep duck dive (>6ft deep due to the mast length)

haha how bad is that set wave about to land on your head, go to do a nice deep duck dive and boom foil completely stuck on the bottom only to be taken back over the falls with you, the joys of foiling :joy:


Just placed an order for a custom Konrad Stryk coming in at 5’5 x 17 1/4" x 4 3/32" @52L gone for a fairly flat rocker for paddle speed and a flattened out deck to get the volume in.

I’m excited!


Nice my stryk ready any day now :call_me_hand:

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yewww show me what you did colour wise when you get a chance I totally forgot I got those kind of choices when going custom

Also last minute changed the dims with James bumped it up to a 5’5 x17 x 4 1/4 @55L just to add a bit more seperation from my 29L bennetts

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My colours all psychedelic, it’s called a trip to the brain​:joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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was that the one on James’ story a couple of days ago??

I saw a blue one followed by one I thought I’d had a tab :joy:

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Haha yep​:exploding_head::flushed::face_with_spiral_eyes::money_mouth_face:thata the 1

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in Bali the surf coaches sit in the water and physically push the students’ boards as the wave approaches and the student paddles.

Maybe you could go foil with a friend and take turns pushing each other onto unbroken waves?

Just wanted to share my thoughts on the mid length I’ve been riding for the past month or so. It’s 5’6 x 17 x 3.4 and 40 litres. I ordered it as a board for prone downwinding. I wasn’t expecting to be able to chip into bumps far out to sea but my thinking was I wanted something that would get in nice and early so I could bypass pumping through all the turbulent water as you chip in and start as far out as I could. I also wanted something that would paddle fast and easily if I fell a way out to sea. I didn’t want it to be a pain to duck dive as downwind days here are usually stormy with lots of whitewater so opted for 40 litres.


What I’ve found is it’s really great for getting into fat barely breaking waves. As long as there’s a bit of oomph to the swell you can catch them unbroken. Because you’re in nice and early you can peel off before the wave breaks which means you can get to the wind line easier. It pumps really well and because the boxes are long I can ride the foil forward enough that the tail doesn’t catch too much. It also definitely shaves about 5 minutes off a 500m paddle compared to my 4’4 24l regular prone.

But the real eye opener has been in the surf. It’s really good when the waves are solid as you can get in earlier but it’s also really fun for those tiny super slack high tide sessions when the waves are barely breaking. You can get onto foil on waves you’re never get into on a regular prone board. It’s obviously not as responsive as my smaller board but feel it gives you in the surf is a little more drawn out lines which is actually pretty fun and doesn’t feel bad at all. So it’s ended up being a bit of a Swiss Army knife and I’m using it much more than I expected.

Drawbacks are that the tail does catch a bit so you have to be really conscious of staying high on foil. Also at 17” wide I sometimes find my foot hanging off the edge of the deck at the tail if I don’t get the takeoff bang on. I think the narrowness is part of what makes it work so well so I wouldn’t want to go much wider but is definitely be wary of going narrower than that. The volume is just about bang on (I’m 80kg) and floats you really nicely but doesn’t feel too corky to duck dive.

Hope this helps people thinking of getting one.


really good looking board!

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This is 5’6 x 18 x 55 L I’m 93kg
Paddles into unbroken bumps and can still duck dive


That looks great, nice and clean. Is that a custom board?

Yes, local made. I gave him the dims and he got it done. It’s great in low power but becomes a handful once there is a bit more energy.

Nice. Amazing to be able to paddle onto unbroken waves.

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Nice Joe how it feel when you are on wave?
Any pic of bottom and how thick ?
Looks just like what I’m used thinking

It’s 4" thick.

I have found the take off the trickiest because it accelerates quickly and it’s only 18" wide so front foot has to land in the sweet spot or it won’t stabilise.
Once riding it feels smooth and carvey.

It’s not as easy to pump as my small board but I reckon once I get a progression 170 it will be great.

Definitely makes the small, full tide sessions lots of fun.


Thats a sick looking board :raised_hands:

i am really curious about the KT proto that Kane is riding.
it seems to be a narrower Flux type shape with the foil placed at the back of the board.
the volume distribution might be really interesting on this thing.

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