New Armstrong MA

It feels like Axis is overdue to release a set of foils geared more towards prone. These foils would ideally have the speed and glide of an ART, the pump of a PNG, the versatility of an HPS and the ease of a BSC. One can only hope.


Hey!! On the HA925, I felt the same after 3 sessions and was about to swear it off and return to the HS1250. That all changed after a single wing session. Once I had it on foil for a while and got used to it, it made all the difference. It is now my favorite wing. I ride it with a chopped 232. You do have to be well placed when u pop up because it is not forgiving, but I actually find it easier to carve then the 1250. I have been thinking about MA 1000 and certainly would love to take one for a spin, but I am not sure it will be a worthwhile investment given I have a 925 and HS1250. especially considering I am trying to connect more waves and don’t want to lose the pump on the 925. U might want to give it another try. Good luck!