Progression 125 for heavy riders

Any bigger guys proning the progression 125? Absolutely lovingg the 170 but would like a little more top end. 195lbs/88kg. Maybe 140 is safer?

Depends on your conditions and skill level. I’m 170lbs and if there are any consistent waves I’m on the 125.

In tiny waves with no power you are going to struggle on that wing getting up because the takeoff speed is much higher. However if it’s waist high with some power you are good to go. It’s fast and super fun with good low stall speed once you are moving.

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id go for the 125 , only because you got the 170 already

as duke says , will need to ride in bigger days for take off … in tiny waves you got the 170


Good intel here, thanks boys.

Im 190 and prone the 125 all the time when the surf hits chest high. Once you have speed the pump is as good as the 140. If you’re in slower surf then it takes some work to get it into that sweet spot. If you have the 170 I’d go 125.


Let me know if you end up off-loading your 170. After beating around the bush for a few months and watching my Uni friends pump circles around me, I finally pulled the trigger on the Progression 125 and 140. I’ve been on the Cabrinha H800 and H1000 until now, so I think the 140 will be my daily driver for my weak east coast US waves. However, at 90 kg, I would love to add a 170 or 200 to the quiver for those really small, weak days.


I would love to hear some feedback from you comparing the progressions to the H-1000, wondering if it’s worth jumping ship to Uni too

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