New Stiff and Thin mast for TAKUMA KUJIRA V1 & V2

Hello Everyone,

I’m Antonin from AP 3D Custom.
I sell watersports accessories on my website kparts-watersports

This is my biggest project so far.

A new fuselage which allows to use Takuma Kujira V1 & V2 wings on the ALLURE mast 2023.

It allows to use “custom” stabilizers with your kujira V2 too (Kparts, KD)

ALLURE is a little french brand but it’s reputated here for its great front wings, thin mast and “made in europe” construction. The mast is 13.2mm at the bottom and 14.2mm at the top. It is manufactured at SABFOIL factory in Italy, from HM carbon.

The mast is stiff and thin as the same time. You will re-discover your wings!

Discover the project here :

A review from Hadrien Brunner will come in autumn!

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I’ve been thinking about grinding a flat spot with holes opposite the k2 tail mount for kd/standard tails. Is that what you have going on your fuse?

Nope, I’ve just added two M6 threads, and a flat shim allows to mount the stab from above :wink: I hope the pictures will illustrate well!

Oh. Can buy a couple of those shims? You think they’d work with the factory k2 fuse?

Hi Antonin, interesting to see. Is this the first carbon mast with detachable baseplate? I don’t think I’ve seen that recently. What is the thinking there?

Yes ! You will have to drill and thread your fuselage but no problem. Contact me at

Detachable base plate is more reliable and easy to make. It guarantees a perfect finish with maximal strenght. Here your have a carbon baseplate, very compact and light. You can let the mast and baseplate screwed together after the first assemble of course (It is a conical assembly, as the fuselage)

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Hi ap3d,
Can you make a Lift foot for the Allure mast?
Are you in the EU?

Hello, unfortunately this is not on the table. The lift foil seems to be great but here in France, the brand is almost unknown because there is no distributor.

No problem, thanks! The Allure system looks pretty great, cool base plate!

Hadrien Brunner riding the 1400 K2 / 75 HM Allure mast / Mako Glide 155

what are the benefits of the 155 tail vs the stock takuma k2 tails?


Takuma tails have a really poor low end and stall speed. They have a good carving but are not ideal for prone surfing in small conditions.

Mako glide was designed to be fast and thin but with a lot of propulsion on the pumping and the idea was to lower the stall speed as much as possible. You gain a lot of tolerance which is especially good in waves with low energy like the ones I’ m riding in the video Antonin shared

I do everything on the 155 Mako Glide from dockstarting to surf foiling and wingfoiling . I just different shimming wether I’ m wingfoiling or surf foiling