NoLimitz V2 Actual Mast Lengths?

I’m looking into a NL V2 as I also consider swapping brands to Code, but I’m having conflicting thoughts over mast lengths.

My current mast is a 75cm Katana, and I’ve been using it for prone, DW, & winging just fine. I kitefoil with a 95cm mast, so I’m definitely not opposed to the idea of a longer mast…

My question is, for people who have the NL V2, with adapters and baseplates added, what is the actual length of each of the sizes closest to? I’m imagining that the 72cm NL2 will put me around the 75 Katana, and the 78cm NL2 would put me around 82cm? Which feels like it’s starting to get a little too long for DW…

A 75 V2 no limitz with the fixed uni adapter would be the same as a 75 katana as they both measure from mast plate surface to fuse/adapter top when mounted… you can ask for custom lengths, i have an 80…

I’m thinking then the 78 NL2 would be perfect.

75 katana is 78 from top to bottom


I had an 85cm V2 and it measured 86cm from board to top of the fuse. Many companies seem to measure to the bottom of the fuse adding roughly three cm. The fuse is not part of the mast :thinking: Anyway, it was a bit long for my purposes.

My 72 NoLimitiz matches my 75 Code.