Options for easy to learn set ups

All - UK based average - below average surfer - 85kg - can wing foil and kite foil just looking for something that is easy - working on a 45l ish board - thinking small mushy waves - 2-3ft - already have a 1280 phantom for winging - what would be an easy foil to learn on - 1480 phantom? as already have f one / seven seas / a Uni foil progression / an axis option? Is it best to be on something on the smaller side so at least stand a chance of getting to feet before the lift kicks in?

Thanks for any help!

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Your current Phantom seems perfect for learning prone in small waves at 85kg.

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I think the 1280 Phantom would be pretty good! Don’t be afraid to move it around in the box based on conditions. Box position matters a lot in prone. If you are afraid of getting jacked up, move it way back. Soon it will be way forward I bet!

I recently taught a 70kg / 155 lb good surfer on a Phantom 1480 in one-to-two foot surf and he was getting twofers quickly and was not getting jacked except on really steep in the pocket take offs. He finally wised up and caught mushier waves.

He then tried the Seven Seas 1100 and he liked it less. His style of pumping coming from surfing was causing him to stall / fall out of the sky as he was pointing the nose of the board too high on his pumps.

So the lower aspect big Phantom was easier for a surfer to learn to foil on and pump than a higher aspect foil. It was more natural for a hardcore surfer to transition to.