Podcast recommendations to draw fellow nerds into foil science

I’m a 4th generation engineer, and feel foil progression in my heart/bones like it is my true calling.

Generationally we’ve spanned many types of engineering, certified or lay. Electrical, civil, mechanical, etc. I wanted to be an aeronautical engineer when I was in high school and went to a top ranked university to do that, but turns out I don’t appreciate the required level of detail. Thinking back would’ve been great for my love of foils now. I exited with duel Civil and Accounting degrees. I digress…

I now work with a bunch of manufacturing/electrical engineers at a software company. Despite their physically incapable mitigating factors (mostly tolerance to cold and pain), I think they would love to nerd out on foil science/progression and want to share my nerd stoke with them. But I’m not sure where to start for the non-foiler?

TLDR: any solid recommendations for podcast episodes that would suck them in to foil science and progression without being a foil athlete? A lot of triathletes in the mix. Ideally progression project episodes, but open to others


I’m an electrical engineer and just starting the foil journey. Almost did aeronautical as well because I was into hang gliding. That was my main sport for 5 decades. I’m also curious about foil science, but haven’t found anything so far.

I am a mechanical engineer and started building masts 7 years ago after I left Apple. You can find my interview with Erik and I’m still hoping to do a followup to discuss all of the engineering behind the new Evolution masts. Just been too busy ramping manufacturing. Not trying to self promote, just stoked to connect with other engineers. I’m grateful to find a career that incorporates my background in aerospace (started at Boeing on the 787) and product design. Cedrus has been a wild ride for sure.


The Generic podcast episode with Kane De Wilde had the makings of a compelling technical discussion but, one of the hosts got bored and derailed it… lol!

That said, still worth a listen across that episode and the few Progression episodes. And the conversation with @ProjectCedrus was very good too. Hopefully an update in the works :smiley:

The kdw episodes on pp didn’t get derailed as I recall. OTOH I didn’t learn that kdw eats the same pizza that I do here in Maine!

They mentioned getting flack for it in the next episode. I was interested in where it was going as I think kdw has a wealth of knowledge and other than making great products there is limited access to it.

specifically 14:00 to 16:00 the conversation goes from simulation vs real life foil performance (Kane probably has access to if not is at the absolute frontier of surf foil design thinking if not hydrofoil design in general), jumps off topic, granted it was to give him a chance to collect his thoughts, but you get the idea. This is probably to the OP question - somewhere that someone curious can nerd out

nerd out on foil science/progression