Production DW Race Wings

After this DW race season in Hawaii, it sounds like it’ll take a specific type of foil to be competitive (AR of 10.5+).

Currently seems like the only real production race stuff is coming from Lift (HA X), more to come from Axis ART PRO line? Almost nothing over an AR of 10.7

Do you think the types of wings used in M2O have applications outside of the downwind race scene?

It’s a tough push and pull. Of course people will want to be on the same gear as the pros, but does it make sense for the average rider to be on these sorts of setups.


Armstrong proto and Code proto I would imagine qualify

I think these are probably beyond your average punter but the need to paddle them up and pump in marginal and upwind conditions mean they are likely to have some interesting intermediate qualities.

The big compromise will be their turning and breach? I imagine neither are prioritised

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The code dw wings breach beautifully! I think I have recovered from almost all my breaches.

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Hi @tap-tunic !
I’m an average guy, not a beginner thou. I can properly downwind but not at the pros pace and always falling at least twice per 8 km :sweat_smile: (Working on that thou)

I’m using the new AFS line of HA Downwind specific foils. I’m 68kg.
I’ve tested the 1100 is 110 span AR11 for moderate and good downwind conditions, 15 to 25 knots - 1.8m to 2.2m with 7 to 9 seconds (Windguru numbers), not Hawaiian conditions with lots of swell power and long periods.
And just got a few days ago the 800HA - This one is 100cm span - 12.5AR - This thing glides like crazyyyyy … Tested one day winging in some nice outer waves and it glides forever.

I’m not gonna compete, I just want to go faster and get a balanced foil that helps me progress, having more speed I found out it’s very important for keeping up with the wind and swell bumps so you can use less effort and be more efficient.

@Matt - I found no compromise in breaching and turning, yes, they are gonna draw a different line than the lower aspects proper surf foils, but the speed and glide you retain in the turn, lets you push really hard and breach the wingtips so easily!!

So right now those super HA wings are my everyday wings for Winging, prone surf foiling and downwind. Waiting on the high wind and swell season for testing the 800HA … This weekend took it for a tow surf sesh in some decent chest high surf and was so pleased with it’s range!

Here’s a couple of links on both of them

Tow Foiling - AFS PURE 800HA - YouTube

SUP FOIL Downwind - AFS Pure 1100HA - BlackBird 6’2" - YouTube

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You’re killing me. I’ve got to get one now.

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You’re right about the AFS stuff, it’s kind of already in that range. I’d be interested to try one.

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Yes the pure ha 800 and 1100. The 1100 works great for light wind winging in addition to downwind, just yesterday got up on foil with a few pumps in 9-11 knots with a 5m at 78 kilos and terrible skill level… ha not to mention in fresh water

Tap feel free to pm me, working on scheduling demos for the fall.

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interesting, I guess was speculating on what would give. See the progression vs vyper thread, everything is a compromise :smiley:

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Yeah!! There’s always a compromise, agree with you. But some of those can be covered with some skills and with every new design they get more and more balanced and specilized, but you compromise less (hope this makes sense). For example, I know I’m compromising rolling easiness and some tight turns ability, also the basic, you get higher stall speed, so it’ll depend on what your budget is and which set of features you want to prioritize. At the moment I’m prioritizing pump & glide and getting a decent and fun turning capability (way better than old foils). If budget wasn’t a constraint I would have already ordered the SILK 850 for everyday prone foiling and 650 for those punchy tow foil days! :slight_smile:
Dreamed quiver.

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You missed the Lift 150 HA-X in that chart which has to be the easiest to ride 10+ AR wing going right now. The 110X is also remarkably well behaved for a 13+ AR wing, rolls and carves like a much shorter span with the ‘carve’ tails. Lift is clearly about to release a new version of the 90HA as they’re currently blowing them out. I’m more hoping they’ll update the 120, not that it needs it.

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