Progression 125 Reviews/Tuning Tips

Starting a thread, got mine in the mail last night, wow looks like a cabrinha 800 and a lift 120 had a baby at chernobyl, next level design! Going on a trip this week and will post a full review next week after I have several dozen hours prone and wing on this foil.

Any tuning tips? I only have the G10 tail three pack.


Very curious to hear how the speed/power range compares to the 140 (and any other Uni gear). How much better is top end and does it get pitchy beyond its range? How much worse is bottom end?

Is it the same span but less chord? Keen to see pics but I guess by the time you’ve taken them it will have launched


Can anyone point me to the specs on the PP125 Foil, I do not see it on the Unifoil page or any information on any dealer websites?


I will post pics later with the 170 as comparison. It’s 800cm2, appears very high aspect, gullwing


Thank You very much!

To start, medium fuse, 13 shiv and 1/2 inch back from 140/170.

I ride it with a ton of different tunings. Long, med and Short fuses. 13 shiv is still my favorite. I dont shim it. One note…. I ride it back about 1/2-1 inch back in the box. The center of lift is actually a touch farther forward than the 140 and 170. We did that to stabilize the roll, it was a bit twitchy with the same center of lift. It’s best with the progression tails, speeds it up a good bit and the glide is better. Can’t wait to hear how you like it!


Pre-Ordered My 125 a while back and sad to report for some reason Uni hasn’t got them to my dealer in Australia yet despite seeing them pop off all over socials :frowning:


Thanks so much. Cool to see. Surprised to see that the span is very similar between the sizes. Much different chord though…Hope mine arrives soon.

@Clifford - Can you please point us to the specs for the newly released Unifoil Progression foils?

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I know the P200 has a 1040mm span…I think they couldn’t go any wider as it wouldn’t fit in the Uni bag :rofl:


Winged it a bit on the trip. Solid chest to overhead swell, 15-20knot wind, 45L board, 5m wing, G10 tails.

Compared to P170 for winging:
-Much higher takeoff speed but then closer stall speed (low) which was a good surprise
-Much faster but stable at speed as expected, great times, will use for anything over waist high
-Rolls well and can be tuned very skatey
-Same good breach
-Should have tried it prone or downwind but the waves were just too good in the mornings so I had to shortboard, will get back on it today and this week for more sessions


125 profile is very interesting. Like the 140, the middle is pretty flat, then there is a distinct downward turn. The departure from the 140 is that the tips flare back up to flat. It is a very similar profile to some of the kujira wings.

If I shim 0.5 degrees on the 140 should I start there on the 125?

Super excited to get this onto the water!

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I actually just winged mine in similar conditions and totally agree with your notes (coming from the P140). The foil definitely wants power and I was slightly underrigged on a 4m in 15-16 knots, but once its up it glides great, the stall speed was also not too bad, and it pumps very intuitively. I found that the foil gave me a unique sensitivity to power in the water and I was able to stay flagged on some very small bumps.

The stability at speed vs the P140 and H2s is a huge benefit. Not sure I had the conditions to test the top end, but it never got pitchy on me and I have found pitchy feelings on the P140 and H2s at similar speeds. I tried jumping it a bit, and when I was going fast into a ramp, I could dip down in a very controlled manner to get my pop. The H2 170 and P140 sometimes get weird in these situations.

I was on the 178 tail and half a degree shim which is how I generally ride the 140. That setup worked well considering the conditions were slightly underpowered for this foil, but I could tell a more efficient tail would be a huge improvement in the right conditions. Looking forward to trying it with the P tails.

Very happy with it after my first session - but it is definitely intended for a higher speed/power range. Would love the low end of the 140 and the high end of the 125 in a single foil.

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I’m a fan of the 178 tail on the progressions, but it is super slow. The shiv is faster and the progression is super fast.


I took the p125 out this weekend behind an old ski boat. I’m 86kgs, avg- foil surfer and pumper; 83 Katana with med fuse and p13.5 tail w 1shim. I usually ride a much larger foil behind this boat but figure to give it a try even though this boat makes a gutless knee high wake. i am amazed at the amount of lift, carve, glide, and pump this little wing has. My boat partner and i both agree this is the most fun first wake foil we have ever tried. The ride is buttery but also twitchy like a proper surf short board feeling, and the glide was unreal like a much larger foil. I still can’t figure out how so much lift is coming from such a small wing. Looking forward to trying this thing in proper surf.

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Be interested to hear feedback from riders > 90kg, wing and prone for the P125 vs the P140, in powered beach and point breaks on the east coast of Australia.

I don’t love to use this forum for my channel but this thread feels appropriate.


Hi guys this is Rob Novo. The 125 is currently my favorite foil in my quiver and I’m not just a Uni guy. I ride Armstrong, Lift, and F One. It is the best blend of low stall speed, (actually not much worse than the 140) and high end performance. It is a slightly different design visually and more high aspect but I keeps with the theme of the progressions ie performance, wide range, and easy to gel with from first flight. I have about 6 or 7 sessions on it. I am still using the Shiv tail since my progression tail is not in yet. I’m hopeful that the new tail will help it on the top end.