Progression 140 - Tail to help pumping

Finally making prone progress thanks to the Progression 140! Currently using the 13" G-10 tails but I’m sure pumping would be easier (hey, I’m 63…) with a larger tail. Appreciate recommendations.

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I am an average prone foiler and I’ve been trying to improve my pump game over the last 6 months. I haven’t ridden the Progression wing, but I have tried a few different tails to help me pump the Lift120, including the KD blunt and the KD Boomerang tail regarded by those who know to be the best match for this purpose. It maybe made pumping a bit easier but not by a shocking amount and introduces some other issues to contend with, (pitch instability in the case of the boomerang), in fact I’ve gone back to the stock 33 carve tail with no extender, and I am finally making some improvements. My conclusion is that in my opinion, time in the water massively trumps tail selection for pumping improvements.


Can you specify which part of the pump motion is failing? There’s many things that could be going wrong, including more than just the foil, like if you’re turning off the wave without enough speed and not keeping momentum. Bigger usually is easier, but a +1 shim could help too.

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Best advice I have been given on pumping the P140 was not to pump too hard or aggressively.

Obviously you need to stay high on the mast but it seems to pump most efficiently if you just tap away at a moderate pace.


@foilnews I have a friend who pairs the P140 with the KDMaui Marlin 14" and he can pump for days. I have the same tail and have been using it with the P170 but I’m interested in sizing down. My logic is that with a smaller front foil (P140), a larger rear can help with lift. In my case, the P170 provides enough lift so I think I’d be better of with the 13. DM me if interested.

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Yes, turning off wave with speed is something I’m now starting to do and that pushed my pump-ability for sure. Initially I was so stoked to have caught and ridden a wave on foil I was eeking out every last bit of the experience rather than turning off earlier while I had speed. Its quite a mindshift for an aging shortboarder!


Thanks. 14" Marlin was first that came to mind.

Just FYI in case you wanted to try 14": Tail Wing 3 Pack – Unifoil Hydrofoils

All on sale for $150 total now


did the marlin 13 end up working better than the 14?

Progression tail pumps very well. I recommend the 14.5. Easier pump (actually easier everything) than the Marlin from my experience on both of them.

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