Progression 170 or 140

I see all prone riders posting 140 only, no one with the 170. Got me thinking…

Advanced rider(connect 6 waves if conditions are really good), 74Kg
Gutless Mediterranean waves with period of 6s to 8s and height of 0.6 to 1m(2-3ft), usually it’s around 0.7 with 7sec.

Should I start with 170 and add 140 later or skip the 170 and do only 140?



What are you riding now that you can connect 6 waves on? Your conditions sound similar to Florida, so you will probably get good use of the 170.

170 I think, I seldom see that little energy, I’d want the 170 I think with same weight and skill level.

How does your conditions compare to this clip? On the chip in he barely has enough for takeoff.

0.7 at 7seconds is really really bad, you will need the 170 for sure.

We struggle when it’s under 2ft@7-8 seconds simply because it has to be so shallow for the wave to even break. I will stand on the side of the sandbar and catch a chip and pump into the channel then out the back but otherwise it’s thigh deep for it to break with that small of a swell.


I love both (obviously :rofl:) and find that my daily driver is the 170. In up to rib high surf I love the lines it draws and the benefit of the pump and easy cardio is huge benefit. After rib high or towing I’m on the 140. If you’re wanting to do some dw runs the 170 is a monster for its size. In the last week I’ve gotten 4 or 5 messages of guys setting new PRs on their first session on the 170 for distance.