Progression Foil thin wingtips

Any idea about what would be the impact if I’d sand a few mm until its 1mm thick? would it still breach so well?

They’re very thin and pointy in a way(dangerous combination), so I’m intimidated by them.

Also, when riding in a spot with a shallow reef, sooner or later they’d be broken(already happened to a friend after 2 weeks). So perhaps getting the thin part away would save me from a larger broken segment.

Same question about the trailing edge, and the shiv tail…

Less efficiency, maybe more predictable stalls. Maybe worse on both but safer.

I didn’t think it was that pointy looking compared to other new foils like Eagle. I guess if safety a higher priority than performance then of course you can. The sharpest part I think is the mast trailing edge which I am very careful of.

I was concerned about the thinness also before getting Progression, not so much from safety standpoint but from damaging the tips if ever hitting. Thats why I got the 75 mast instead of 83 and try to be conservative with the tides being low/mid at least, and staying away from shallow areas. I wouldn’t mess with the foil personally.

You wont lose much performance if you take off just a bit of the tip from my experience. It will mostly be in efficiency. But you will get a touch better/faster roll.

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