Progression Project fuse & tail assembly issue

Having an issue putting the tail onto the medium fuse. Something doesn’t seem right.
I’m assembling the fuse/tails for the first time. Using the .05 shim and 18mm & 16mm.
Both seem like they are too long, as they don’t snug up the tail to fuse when fully tightened.
Result is the same with all three tails.

Must be:

  • I’m doing something stupid
  • Fuse female threads too short (not deep enough)
  • Tail countersink holes are too deep
  • Hardware needs to be grinded down

I don’t want to grind down hardware if I’m doing something wrong, but wondering if anyone else has had this issue.

Here’s a little vid clip in case someone sees something I’m doing wrong:

with a 0.5mm shim you should be using 2x16mm bolts , only need the 18mm bolt for the thicker shims

but yes , it appears the thread depth on the rear most hole isnt deep enough , either take it back for a replacement or just grind a light 45 degree chamfer on the bolt

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Thanks, Clifford. Both holes are too shallow; neither allows the tail to lock up snug with a 16mm. Do you see any issue grinding down both 16mm’s til I get a firm lock up? Thanks for replying on the weekend!

aaai sorry about that

but yea a small 45 degree grind on the bolt will sort it out

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@Clifford is there a table somewhere that outlines the correct screws for the g10 tails given the different shim options?

Worked like a charm. Thanks. Now I just have to grind down a backup set for when I drop one in the grass and cant find it. :laughing: