Any pointers for selecting the right size of the new Progression tail that's gonna be in stock soon?

Coming from the 13 shiv.

I just ordered the 14.5” progression and P125. I usually ride the Shiv13 with my P170. Excited to mix and match. I know this isn’t helpful feedback but I’m super frothy and want to follow this thread as it develops!:call_me_hand:

so this is the smaller one?

What are options? 14.5 and ?

Where can you order the progression tail right now? I thought it wasn’t available to order yet

The foil shop in CA.

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There is a 13.5 and a 14.5. Both are good stock. I’ve also been playing around with a 14.5 chop tips that might be my favorite feel. We didn’t want to release it like that because most folks will probably want the added stability, but theres a cool combo of having a touch more chord than the 13.5 in a flat 13, which is what it comes out at after the chop. It wont be for everyone but you get a touch more speed and efficeincy and much faster roll at the cost of it being harder to control.

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Can anyone point to me towards the specs on the PP125 and P200 and Tails?